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Art of Shaving Lavender Soap

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The quality of the lather is excellent in this soap. The first ingredient listed is Sodium Tallowate.

The price is a little expensive, but there are fewer and fewer high-end tallow-based soaps. I splurged on the wood bowl combo. It cost $46 shipped - so it's expensive but not crazy expensive. Comparable soaps in a wooden bowl, something like G.F. Trumper's, are in the $35 range plus shipping.

The quality is very nice. The bowl is well-finished but not fantastic. The soap itself is nice and dense. The packaging is nice as well - nice, AOS blue box. If you're spending a lot, you'd expect the company not to skimp on stuff like that.

Scent was a little disappointing. I don't have any AOS lavender shaving cream to compare to, but the soap's scent is very mild. More "soapy" than lavender. Personally, I'm not complaining since I'm very sensitive to scents. I just wish it had a bit more of a lavender kick. My favorite lavender scent is Truefitt & Hill's lavender shaving cream. That has a very distinct lavender smell - not just flowery, but has sort of woody notes as well. So if you're looking for a major lavender "kick" this soap, or at least the puck I received, doesn't really have it.

Lather was terrific. My water is sort of hard and I found that if I use a wetter than usual brush to charge up the brush with soap, I get better results than with a dryer brush. The lather is very cushioning and fairly thick.

Efficacy is very good - I get decent shaves with it - nice lubrication and cushion.

As for moisturizing - I'd say it's good but not spectacular.

Bottom line: it's a very good quality soap, but a little too mild in the scent department. I'm curious now about the sandalwood and lemon scents to see if they have a little more "presence."

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Price: I know AoS has a reputation for costly products. However, this one will last and last and last. Considering the quality (more on this later), the price is not off-par with other traditional soaps (three Ts). Just don't buy the bowl because they are a waste, although very nice looking.

Quality: It seem triple-milled to me, although a bit softer than some. In use, there is no drag and the lather rinses clean. It gets the job done in a manner usually reserved for more traditional brands.

Scent: Before I acquired this soap, I though "lavender? I dont want to smell like a girl." After you use this soap, that opinion will change. The scent is very clean and soapy, not at all flowery. The essential oild used seem to be of high quality.

Lather: It does not take much time to get a thick lather as long as a decent brush is used. When shaving, it clings to the face and offers good cushion. No complaints here.

Efficacy: This soap is ideal for sensitive skin according to the AoS. I would have to agree. My skin will break out if I even think about it. With this soap I have had no problems. I attribute this to the way it rinses without residue (after a little witch hazel your face will be completely clean)

Moisturizing: If there is anything that this soap lacks, its moisturizing abilities. I don't mean that it will leave your face looking like the ground of the Sahara. Its just not as moisturizing as cream. I mainly attribute this to shaving soaps as a whole.

Overall: If you have sensitive skin or enjoy a soapy lavender scent this is an excellent soap. However, if you have very,very dry skin then I suggest AoS Lavender Cream which is much more moisturizing. Don't let the price deter you. For $25 you will get many great shaves. An excellent buy.
For the price is a bit expensive. Offered at 96 grams I wish they could of added more.

I like how AOS uses Essential Oils to their soap which gives it a genuine lavender sent, however as stated earlier, the sent is light.
Best soap there is. Softens the stubble like nothing else. Slightly better than Valobra, and better than Arko.

Rather slow in creating lather. Scent is not impressive.

All I use is AOS, Valobra and Arko. I've gotten rid of all my other soaps, including DR Harris Arlington, Trumper Almond, All Colonel Conks, Mitchell's Wool Fat, Tabac, QED Sandalwood, Classic Shaving sandalwood, Speick, VDH and Williams...

It is that good.
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