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Arran Aromatics - Bay Citrus

I can't think of a lot of shaving products that have come to us from Scotland. Of course, i can think of a couple of distilleries... but nothing shave related.

Arron Aromatics shave soap is from the Isle of Arran, part of Scotland.


I found this soap (refill) through a wonderful ebay vendor for roughly $7 plus a few dollars for shipping. an outstanding value! i've seen the soap, also along with it's own wooden bowl on the rare occasion. but never for as little as i paid on ebay. who seemed to be a good standing member whom i would assume wouldn't be going any where with her shave soap.

i've used this soap in fairly heavy rotation for just under a year. AA is a palm based soap of the highest quality. Other soaps in the palm family would be: the current Trumper offerings, Pre de Provence, Institut Karité and Gold Dachs.
AA performs most similarly to the current Trumper line (of which i have the Violet) however, and without question better in terms of slickness and scent. the Trumper may take the lead with the cushion aspect.
The best of the Palm list in my opinion would be 2-fold: Gold Dachs for performance and AA for scent. Where AA makes it's case against Trumper is the scent which is wonderful for the fall season. Take a look at the description on the box:

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Arran Aromatics is very slick and has a great consistency, easily on par with the tallow soaps some consider superior. the moisturizing adequately leaves the face feeling supple. i wouldn't hesitate to recommend this soap to anyone, beginner or champion :smile:

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