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Aromatic Fern Aftershave Balm

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Saponificio Varesino aftershave balm is more of an aftershave milk -somewhere in between a splash and a true balm. It absorbs quickly, is non-greasy, and is both soothing and refreshing. The aromatic fern scent is complex and sophisticated and it stays close to the skin.

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Pros: Soothing balm.
Cons: Awful packaging.
I recently won a $100 gift certificate from Bullgoose, so one of the items I bought with it was Saponificio Varesino Felce Aromatica Aftershave Balm. I wanted to try it when it came out, but was happy I waited. The cost is a little steep at $23.00 for a 100 ml bottle (3.4 oz).

The first thing I want to address is the packaging. It is absolutely awful. The bottle is metal, with a plastic cap that's one of those where you push half of the top down and the other half pops up with a small spout. The bottle leaks. It leaked in shipping (luckily it was wrapped in plastic, but it leaked enough to stain the label). When you shake it, and you will have to because it separates, it leaks. I had to remove the top, cover the open bottle with my hand and shake. Then, when the top is on and open, it's tough to get it out of the bottle. It's not an overly thick balm, but it barely dripped out. I had to take the top off (again) to apply it.

That being said, I do like the balm. The scent is terrific! It's not the most natural smelling fern, but it is very pleasant. The consistency of the balm is odd. It's not at thick as other balms, but not quite as liquid as a splash. It's in between. It applied nicely, with no burn (like a balm should be) and felt very soothing. I did notice the main moisturizing ingredient is glycerin, so if too much is applied, it can get sticky.

The only thing I didn't care much for, aside from the bottle, is the fact that the scent is very fleeting. I don't want to smell all day, nor do I want to be smelled like I'm wearing cologne, but the scent was gone within half an hour. That's a little quick.

Overall, it's pretty good. Made my face feel great! The only drawbacks are the horrible metal bottle and the fleeting scent. Great while it lasts, but gone too soon.
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