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Ambassador Full Stainless Steel

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Elegant and refined, the Ambassador takes his time with the daily shave. Every part of the morning ablutions are a routine, carefully laid out and expertly executed. For such a man, nothing less than a stately and elegant razor will do. Refined, well-balanced, and diplomatic, three equally-sized rings are offset by a wide gulf of textured steel.

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Pros: stainless construction, price
Cons: none
At a $40 price point I just couldn't pass up this 100% stainless steel razor. First thing I noticed was how thick the handle is. It's longer than the standard and much thicker and heavier, all things that I find attractive in a razor. The head, also steel, is very heavy and balances the handle nicely. The grip on the handle is nearly impossible to lose even with hands full of lather. The head is open comb on one side and closed comb on the other. A bit of a novelty, but I tried pass 1 using the open comb and pass 2 with the closed. The closed is by far more aggressive, but not dangerously so. The open comb is just a bit scratchy, I would have preferred a design more like the Gillette NEW long comb or the Parker 26c. This will become a regular in my rotation. It's 7 hours past the shave and stubble is just starting to emerge. Very nice.
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