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I was always hesitant to pay $28 for an aftershave and have always had a special place in my heart for the "drug store" splashes.

Im surprised that this didn't have a review already. By viewing many SOTD shots, it looks like it is widely used and liked.

Price: I once joined the "Penny Pinchers Club" but since then I've never looked back. I don't mind dropping a little more for a product that is going to invigorate the senses of such an important part of the day. Comparing this product to the drug store favorites would not be fair because there are many qualities a $28 bottle has over a $8 bottle.

Quality: The bottle is quite nice. Very nice design on the front.

Fights Razor Burn: After having it for nearly two weeks I would have given it an 8 because I didn't have much of a need for it until this morning. I had a straight that needed a quick touch up on the barbers hone. I really used a lot more pressure than I would normally, especially on my chin. I have super dense chin whiskers so I have to take extra time on it or I'll regret the results after. I didn't draw any weepers but I felt a little more sore than usual and knew I was going to have an issue. I splashed my normal amount and it had a bite but immediately did I feel a quick healing effect. So by golly it's a 10!

Cooling Sensation: Being mentholated it had a nice effect to it. Im not a huge fan of menthol aftershaves but I had to give it a 10 because it was a good kick.

Scent: I think this is where the "love it or hate it" effect comes in with most folks. I love the scent. I don't base much on smell while the product Im using is in the bottle. This had a licorice scent to it while being confined in its lair. I normally don't use a cologne when I use such a potent strength of aftershave. And I would probably not recommend using a cologne with it. Im never a fan of top notes of scents but when it dries down it is real pleasant with a definite tobacco scent along with an English Leather reminder. Any thing with those resemblance's of English Leather gets an automatic 10.

Efficancy: This does a great job.

Moisturizing: Well not the greatest but fairs against other alcohol aftershaves. Living in the dry winter desert of Arizona I can usually find out how effective products are and this time of the year if it is a poor quality shaving soap, aftershave or shaving cream it really stands out. I didn't do my normal mixture of 444 so I can feel the effect alone. I did get tightness and dry but nothing luck some other products. And since I don't like balms besides 444, I can tell if something is extremely poor in this area. But it do well.

No Alcohol Burn: Move on because it's going to burn. Not like a hidden burn like Pinaud Bay Rum but immediately. I love it! Todays was more so than others because of the slight razor burn.

The final review. It will be in my final rotation when I clear out my stuff that just takes up space. I would put it in the Musgo Real overall category.

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Can I PLEASE buy a sample of this from one of you gents? I am dying to try it!
Based solely on reviews, I bought this about six months ago and when I opened the bottle I thought it smelled awful so there it sat. I finally decided to give it a try just to see what all the great reviews are about and I am glad I did. I actually love the scent now - its a bit soapy, sweet, and floral - reminds my GF of Thrills gum. It is ridiculously cooling and the scent lasts all day - I could still smell it at 10pm! My face felt like butter all day so this is a keeper for sure!
Alt-Innsbruck is a new experience for me. If I used an after-shave splash previously, it was unscented witch hazel or Dominica Bay Rum. This is decidedly old-school European stuff, walking the fine line old fragrances have between freshly masculine and slightly feminine.

The menthol is immediately obvious on application, and it cools/tightens nicely. The alcohol burn is there, but not too bad overall - the cooling effect seems to help offset it. Once the menthol blows off, you are left with the scent of white tobacco flower - slightly vegetal, slightly powdery, a bit sweet, not at all like cured tobacco in the barn - as well as a hint of coumarin-like green hay notes. If you're a fan of citrus/oakmoss sport scents, or green/woody fougeres, this will be out of your comfort zone. But it's pleasant, and different aspects of the tobacco flower assert themselves as it wears through the day.
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