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AlRaz "The Bomb" Shaving Cream: Soca (custom)

Pros: Huge Latherability, Smooth, Pain Free, Efficacy
Cons: None
Years of wet shaving have led me to try countless soaps, creams, oils and the like in search of a product I can use daily and which performs as advertised. I invested in the Al Raz Sampler about a year ago. My search is over! Using a very small amount, this cream lathers to limitless perfection (why it's called 'The Bomb') with almost no effort even in hard water. It softens my mostly silver beard and contains glycerin which hydrates my face too. The scents are light and pleasant. Finish with Al's ASB.

Visit http://www.alsshaving.com You will not be disappointed!
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Moisturizing Properties
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AlRaz "The Bomb" can be ordered directly through him (by PM). Soca is a custom cream, and it is a lime/carribean scent. I went with the shaving cream consistency, but there is a denser version available. Al is great to work with, and his customer service is top-notch. I made a mistake with my shipping address, and Al was extremely helpful in getting everything resolved.

Price: $25 shipped. A little steep, but still less than some of the English creams.

Quality: Outstanding. It has almost a Vaseline consistency, and is a really slick product.

Open jar:

Scent: I really like the Soca more than traditional lime scents. It has a strong lime scent, with subtle undertones. It has no "candy" smell at all to it.

Latherability: Really great. I took some pics with an $8 Tweezerman just to illustrate how easy it is to lather.

A little bit of cream spread on the bottom of the bowl:

A few twirls:

After 20 seconds:

Brush full:

Swiped on hand:

Efficacy: A great cream. Plenty of slick, cushiony lather. It really lets the razor glide.

Moisturizing: Does a great job here as well. It doesn't dry the face at all.

Packaging: Not much to say here, it comes in a plastic jar. Does the job.

All in all, this is a great (possibly the best) cream I have tried. It lathers easier than other creams, is super protective, and has a nice scent. I easily rank it above Castle Forbes lime. I'd highly recommend giving this cream a try.
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