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Alba Bontanica Very Emollient Cream Shave - Aloe Mint

Pros: Very slick and heavy bodied product, similar to a heavy hand cream
I decided to use this product as a pre-shave cream, because of the heavy body of the cream and the fact that it does not lather.
This morning, I used this cream as a pre-shave and absolutely loved it. Following my face wash, I apply a pre-shave, typically Proraso, followed by a hot towel, lather and shave.
This product really increases the slickness of the blade passing over the skin, while shaving very close.
The peppermint oil in the product really cools the face and when mixed with my Proraso eucalyptus and menthol shave cream, it's like placing your face in the freezer. If you have used Tea Tree shampoo, you know this feeling.
I believe if you use this product, you will discover what I have found. That this product is smoother, more comfortable and will reduce, if not eliminate after shave irritation better than your current pre-shave cream.
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