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AJ Coffee Co--Black Torpedo Espresso Blend

The Black Torpedo Espresso Blend from AJ Coffee Co. isn't just for espresso, but sure seems made for it. My attempts to brew this in a press and drip resulted in a sour cup, reminiscent of under-extracted espresso. Then I used an Aeropress and found a delicious and surprisingly mellow cup. The flavors from the Aeropress-made coffee are deep, rich, and complex. The body & mouth feel are rich & thick. The overall taste sensation is mellow, dark, and ethereal, ever changing, and hard to pin down. A new sensation with every sip.

The care, knowledge, and experience that Jason puts into his coffee is obvious. The other coffees I've tried from AJ Coffee Co have been excellent. He does tend to surf the edge, trying to develop deep flavors to the fullest, while staying on the light side of roastiness. This gives his coffee a taste sensation I've not experienced elsewhere. You won't find this kind of roast anywhere else. For that alone, it's worth giving his coffee a try. For more details, see my review of AJ Coffee Co. El Salvador Siberian Estate 100% Bourbon.

Ratings (Clearly, I don't know how to rate things. If these were wines, a professional review would rate them 10-15 point higher.)
Price: Artisan coffee is never cheap, though this is on the less expensive side for true artisan coffee. Shipping cost is reasonable, but is factored in as part of the cost, lowering the score.
Quality: The care put into this coffee can't be beat.
Value: This is what artisan coffee is all about. The price may seem steep, but it's well worth the price for what you get. Since not everyone would agree, I won't push the rating too high.
Flavor: Unique and mysterious.
Aroma: A rich roast destroys the more volatile aroma compounds, but what remains is delicious.
Packaging: Nothing further could be done to improve the product, but more polished labels might look better.
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