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Aged Spice - by Mama Bear's

Mama Bear's bills their Aged Spice as an Old Spice clone/interpretation/whatever off the original Shulton formula, putting it in a long line-up of fragrances such as Chanel #19, Dublin Tweed, and White Shoulders that attempt to capture the essence of an old, discontinued favorite.

Because of this, ratings are confusing and semi-useless. It's not exactly a favorite scent of mine-- too sweet, not as spicy and peppery as I'd like, and without a lot of obvious complexity (though the complexity is there)-- yet at the same time, it is a very close match for a version of Old Spice from years passed. So if you liked the original Old Spice, you'll like this stuff more that I do.

Although I can get close to this scent for half the price, the bottle it comes in is of much better quality and has an atomizer. Perhaps that explains the price; although the fact that this isn't a cheap-as-hell knock-off fragrance in a nicer bottle with a higher price tag is also important. For a real fan of this class of scent, the quality is definitely there in the cologne itself; it's well-balanced, it lasts, and it doesn't have any particularly jarring qualities.

This hasn't got quite the staying power of, say, Dragon's Blood; but you'll still find it on your skin and clothes 6, 8, 10 hours later. Dragon's Blood is my reference for staying power; the stuff absolutely infests your clothes, and the shirt you wear will still smell heavily of the cologne you sprayed on your chest 3 days later. Aged Spice remains detectable after the night's over, but just so; six hours in, it's weak and faded.

Overall this is a nice cologne if you're apt to have Old Spice or "CVS Aftershave Spice Scent" lying around. If you hate those, you'll hate this too. If you like those, you might like or love this, who knows? It's cheap and it lasts acceptably long; I've adopted it for the "on occasion" category, and I'm glad I have it around for that, along with the shave soap.
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