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Pros: Sturdy, Cheap great option for first time users
Cons: Possibly a little aggressive, Tricky to clean after use
I purchased the Weishi 9306C as part of a beginners bundle on ebay. I've never used DE razors before and so far i have been impressed. The TTO mechanism seems to work quite nicely and when closed, the razor feels very sturdy.

The gun metal appearance looks good and feels great in the hand and the handle ensures a good grip even with soapy hands. The short handle helps me focus on my technique and i feel more in control of the razor than longer handled cartridge razors.
Replacing the blades is easy thanks to the butterfly mechanism and the blades feel really secure when in place.
I found the razor feels a little aggressive around my neck and on my chin although that may be bad technique and any redness seems to clear up quite quickly with the aid of a good alum block.
I found that i don't need to go against the grain with this razor, opting instead for one pass with the grain and one pass perpendicular to the grain. This was enough to give a silky smooth finish far superior to my now redundant mach 9, fusion, vibrator razor trash i have been wasting money on for years.
As far as balance goes, i really couldn't tell you, but i felt as though i was able to let the razor do all the hard work and i never feel like i am pulling it across my face which is good!

I have no experience with alternative safety razors but for other first timers i can honestly say that you should instantly feel the difference between this razor and your money burning, multiple blade cartridge razor.

I'm already looking into which DE razor to purchase next and i can absolutely, categorically declare my shaving cabinet a cartridge free zone for the foreseeable future!

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