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7 o'clock Sharp Edge

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Gillette 7 o’clock
Sharp Edge (Yellow)

Ever woke up in the early morning to shave off that thick beard that has been sitting on your face for the last two weeks or that two days stubble? Then this blade is yours.

The Gillette 7 o’clock Sharp Edge (Gillette SE) like name implies is a very sharp blade so if you’re a beginner then stop reading this and take a look at my other review about the Derby Blades.

This is one of the sharpest and favourite blades of my collection. It is very smooth and the sound it makes when it cuts through the beard is simply wonderful. This blade will make you love and appreciate wet shaving for sure.

Pros : Very sharp that it will give you the closest shave effortlessly and can be compared to a hot knife cutting through butter. Thanks to its coating, it’s also very smooth to the face. This is indeed among the most favourite DE blades among wet shavers.

Cons : This blade can be very unforgiving and will left your face with nicks if you are careless specially around the neck area. The glue dots holding the blade in its wax paper can be very annoying and you need to be careful while loading it in your shavette.

Though this blade can be very expensive it is worth its price. If you are the type of person who likes to re-use the same blade several times then know that you can get up to 4-5 shaves with it before it starts tearing your face apart.

This blade should not be used at 7 o’clock in the morning but in the afternoon as if you just woke up and your brain is not ready to concentrate on the shave then you may end up passing an alum block all over your face.

“A sharp edge as the name implies”
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Pros: durability sharpness
Cons: none
To set the background: After buying a couple of sampler packs from West Coast Shaving, I settled on three that I bought 100 packs of:
- Feather
- Gillette 7 o'clock yellows
- Astras
Feathers are the sharpest, limited life and expensive. Astras are the most durable, do well in more aggressive razors and are dirt cheap. The SE is the best blend of all those characteristics that I've found.
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Smoothness of Shave
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