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3324 Silvertip Badger

Pros: Flow-through, softness, backbone, range.
Cons: It may not have the cache of a european iconic name but that's a function of time, not quality.
I'm just at two weeks using this brush but I can already say with confidence that the Savile Row 3324 is, simply put, superb. I purchased this brush because of more than one B&Ber's recommendation and also because of a rave review of its sibling - the 3824 - by Joel. The 3324 has the same 24mm knot but with a stubbier handle than the 3824. I had a hunch that the 3324, with its slightly wider base, would be the right fit for my larger hands and I’m happy to report I was right. This brush fits me like a glove – not too big, not too small; it's a solid feel - and balanced. And although its look is evocative of these icons of brushdom, the Savile Row’s lines are clean and distinct; and so the brush stands firmly on its own two– er…one…foot.

I purchased the Silvertip 3324 with the hope of upgrading from my Shavemac 22709 (22mm), a top-notch brush in its own rite - but in finest badger – with great backbone but also with slightly scritchy tips. Since I face lather more often than anything else and I tend to favour soaps. I was looking to retain the backbone of the 22079 but was wondering if I could find something a bit more luxurious on my face. The 3324 is exactly what I was looking for.

To be honest, I found both the Shavemac and the Savile Row to perform similarly; this is the only point where I take exception to Joel’s review; he ranked the SR vastly superior to a comparably knotted Shavemac. I think both of these brushes really are in the same league - and that’s not a knock against the SR; rather, it’s a strong endorsement of the Shavemac. No question the Savile Row has an edge in the softness as well as firmness departments but I believe both are outstanding shaving brushes.

In terms of value, Savile Row, gets my vote, but again, not by a huge margin. I have bowl lathered and face lathered; cream lathered and soap lathered. I’ve used good product and not so good product. This SR 3324 effortlessly whips up slick, shiny blobs of billowy lather with uncanny ease. Every time I pick it up the 3324 reminds me of exactly why a good shaving brush is considered by many to be the single most important implement for a great wet shave. It’s got terrific range, it can suck up more than enough lather for 3 generous passes and yet it’s no lather hog. And it’s the most comfortable brush I’ve used. For those of you who seek a delightfully nimble, soft brush but with ample firmness for any job, I wholeheartedly recommend the SR 3324.

Edit January 16, 2012: Just a note to say that after 3 months, this still remains my favourite brush.
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