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    Your current TOP 5 DE's?

    1. Wolfman wr2 1.05 2. Haircut and shave P076 titanium 3. Tatara masamune 4. Paradigm diamondback 2020 5. Rocnel sailor 2020
  2. Z

    Wolfman: On the waiting list. Questions.

    Personally i know it can be hard to do but when you have reached perfection already, no need to spend the money to buy a different gap width of the same razor. I toyed with the idea of trying 1.15 or 1.25 after I got my 1.05 wr2 but its really ideal for my face so no need for that.
  3. Z

    Which new adjustable razor would you recommend?

    i have tried only one adjustable razor which is the 2020 Rocnel Sailor and it is a great razor.
  4. Z

    Rocnel razor vs rex ambassador?

    I agree the 2020 rocnel is very heavy for most razors but I am more used to the weight since I own a slightly even heavier razor beforehand- the hone 15 in solid Brass. The rocnel is a top flight razor that has enough adjustability to satisfy almost anybody.
  5. Z

    Wolfman: On the waiting list. Questions.

    I only have one dual comb razor - my seygus zeppelin v 2 titanium with different gap widths for each side but both SB. Personally I don't like the asymmetry and I don't find it very useful as I prefer the same gap on both sides so that I can alternate between both sides and have the same shave...
  6. Z

    Wolfman: On the waiting list. Questions.

    I have an extended length wrh7 hollowed handle and I do not find the razor head heavy at all. In fact it feels perfect though that may have been because I was trying to reproduce the experience of shaving with my titanium p076. The basic polish finish is really very good - most razor makers...
  7. Z

    What's your relaxing and (still) efficient DE razor?

    Wolfman wr2 1.05 and haircut & shave P076 titanium.
  8. Z

    Adjustable full stainless steel de safety razors

    I do not consider razor systems with interchangeable top caps and base plates to be adjustable razors. True adjustable razors are designed to be adjustable on the fly without dismantling the razor. I also don't regard solutions based on loosening the top cap to be adjustable because every razor...
  9. Z

    What's your relaxing and (still) efficient DE razor?

    Wolfman wr2 1.05 - the best solution for me that squares the circle. It is both super efficient and imparting a super comfortable shave.
  10. Z

    Wolfman WR2 1.05 and the Karve CB

    I shave daily and so the 1.05 sb is the most perfect razor hat I have ever used for my face. It shaves so mildly that i almost do not feel it cutting the hairs and jt leaves no irritation at all and yet is one of the most efficient razors I own. As a result I don't really feel the need to go up...
  11. Z

    What is your most forgiving razor?

    Right now I would say my most comfortable shaving razors would be :- 1. Feather asd2 2. Tatara masamune 3. Fatip piccolo gentile 4. Wolfman wr2 1.05 with the distance between each razor very close. The wr2 is however significantly more efficient than all of them.
  12. Z

    Asylum 17-4 and some Paradigm controversy

    If you got that impression then perhaps I did not remember it rightly. But my recollection was rather that the paradigm owner was saying he did not agree but there was nothing he could do to stop the bulllgoose owner from doing so as he was cash strapped. If my memory is correct then that is...
  13. Z

    Asylum 17-4 and some Paradigm controversy

    Well according to the paradigm owner himself, the diamondback is his best ever razor and I have to say that good as the 2020 diamondback is, my wolfman wr2 1.05 has it comfortably beaten in every attribute where my face is concerned. So I do not think you are missing out anything waiting for a...
  14. Z

    Asylum 17-4 and some Paradigm controversy

    From the email exchanges that were shared in the thread in question, it seems that the paradigm owner clearly stated his objection to his design being used. So that particular question seems settled in any event - there was no agreement for this run of razors by the owner of the design, and...
  15. Z

    Asylum 17-4 and some Paradigm controversy

    Aa far as I am concerned, once the razor is made, it hardly matters what kind of stainless steel it is made of where the shave feel is concerned. I have 316L and 303 and 304 razors and they do not feel any different where the steel itself is concerned. Admittedly I don't have a 17-4 razor but I...
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