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    Best triple milled soap out there?

    Is TOBS Sandalwood Herbal soap triple milled? If so, that's the best for me/my favorite. It offers the best lather, scent, cushion, slickness, glide and post shave feel. I have many, and have tried many (inc MWF, Haslinger, DRH, GFT, SV, Floris, Valodra, Tabac) and while they are all great...
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    Easiest Soap to Lather?

    Haslinger, SV & TOBS (Herbal Sandalwood) are the easiest hard puck soaps to lather, in my opinion. MWF is most definitely not.
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    Saponificio Varesino soaps

    I have been using MWF and Haslinger soaps pretty much all the time for the past 12 months, Haslinger out performs the Fat in my opinion, especially in ease of lather and slickness....I especially like the Aloe Vera and the Marigold. I tried SV about a year ago and did not like it too much. I...
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    For Sale Two SV Soaps

    LOL, probably. I want to go back and revisit it. I was a little unsure of the scent last time out.
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    WTB SV Mana di Sicilia

    Looking for either the soap in the brown/orange tin, OR just the empty tin itself (so I can by a of the soap for it)
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    For Sale Two SV Soaps

    Damn, missed them. Im looking for both these in the tins.
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    Very Efficient SE's?

    Ever Ready Streamline
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    Saponificio Varesino soaps

    Same thing with MWF, rub onto my nice warm, damp face, soak my brush and bingo!
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    What's your soap for today?

    Haslinger Ringelblmumen (marigold)
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    Saponificio Varesino soaps

    I should reiterate....this is a cologne I am talking about - and I may have confused you all - its called Nostalgia, and it is made by the same company that makes the brilliant shave cream.....Santa Maria Novella. The shave cream is Eucalyptus and Menthol, not in anyway similar to the colgne Im...
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    Saponificio Varesino soaps

    Because its wonderful. And I love cars. LOL, its a very masculine scent, and as I mentioned, the leather scent in the dry down is fabulous.
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    Saponificio Varesino soaps

    I found this amusing, and you know what? There is a product that smells like gasoline, burned tires, and engine oil. I kid you not - Santa Maria Novella cologne. It's MAGNIFICENT! My one and only cologne. Its expensive, but well worth it. When you first splash it on, for about an hour you...
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    Looking for an unscented shaving soap without Tallow

    Thanks for the info - im sure the Sandalwood ones have a scent though! Im looking forward to trying them all.
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    Sandalwood soaps & creams

    Thanks, Ill just order it.
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    Meissner Tremonia

    Looking to try it and after some info. Two questions: 1) Soap or Paste (with reasons) 2) Favorite scents Thanks in advance.