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    Share your shave den

    I can't post pics with my "shave den", because B&B servers will run out of storage space.
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    Is it too early to buy pipe tobacco?

    And that is probably due to the PG added to keep it moist FOREVER, which RLP-6 doesn't have. I think you're right, I noticed the tobacco wasn't dry enough even after 5 days spread in the open air. What is RLP-6, please?
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    Is it too early to buy pipe tobacco?

    I smoke pipe from time to time. Tried so far some Tilbury (Germany) and some Peterson varieties. Then I opened a pouch of Captain Black (white). And the Captain is the worst, both in flavor and the way it burns. I don't care for the optimal level of moisture in tobacco and usually I dry it...
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    Vintage Dusy Kabinette Shaving Soap

    I'm not sure if Dusy Kabinett is so vintage. After Klar Kabinett was discontinued, Dusy became its successor. It is a hard soap, sold as two bars, 250 grams each. So, half a kilo or more than a pound. Everybody here is talking about Tabac, but Dusy is the best kept secret. It's the hardest soap...
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    How I Defeat Morning Indecision

    It's a known fact that casino games are addictive.
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    Blade Sharpeners

    Sharpening a DE blade is different from the sharpening of a straight razor, which is different from the sharpening of a knife, which is different from the sharpening of scissors, which is different from sharpening a scythe, which is different from sharpening an ax, which...
  7. Z

    Captain's Choice vs Cat of Nine Tails

    Co9T has the most burn of all the aftershaves I have (around 130 bottles, all different). It's not a harsh, dry burn like applying cologne as aftershave, but somehow a pleasant one. Then, as pbrmhl said, a warming sensation follows.
  8. Z

    What do you drive?

    2007 Ford Mondeo, manual.
  9. Z

    dalli Kernseife

    The Dalli factory (or Dalli Werke in German) is where the Tabac soap is made (the factory in Stolberg).
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    Funny shaving or non shaving story

    Not qualified as funny, but a true story: my father shaved for 27 years with 1(one) DE blade. I know, nobody will believe me.
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    Why shed hair?

    Shedding after years of use and because the hairs are fragilized at the base by accumulated soap scum is one cause. But, a lot of brushes, regardless of their quality and price, start shedding right from the beginning. Here are two factors, IMO. Not all the hairs are properly glued in the knot...
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    Don't be caught OFF GUARD (some DE Razor terminology stuff)

    I move the tip of my index finger along the base plate, at its widest edge. 1) If I feel a continuous or undulating line, then it's safety bar. 2) If I feel distinct teeth, then it's comb. Not close, not open, just comb. Now that this dilemma has been solved, a moderator can close the...
  13. Z

    What is your choice to make lather?

    One day soap, the next day cream. I rotate brushes too. Currently in rotation: Tabac soap, Dusy Kabinett soap (the succesor of Klar Kabinett), Argo Neo (Bulgarian cream) and Musgo Real.
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    Mutton vs Beef tallow

    A great shave is a result of a lot of factors, including those beyond lather/blade/brush/post-shave stuff. Tallow isn't necessary a magical ingredient who give it automatically some superiority over non-tallow soaps. You can get a mediocre tallow soap and a wonderful vegetable (glycerin) soap...
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    The King C. Gillette DE

    As I said, for Gillette the money comes from the carts. Who in his right minds (at P&G headquarters) would want to change that?? To determine shavers to abandon their super-profitable carts in favor of generic DE blades? The monopoly tendencies are deeply engraved in Gillette's DNA.