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  1. Zenas

    Going to London and ....

    I dearly loved the time I got to spend in England. I hope to return one day and visit not only the shaving shops, but the haberdasheries.
  2. Zenas

    Advice on muscle gain supplements

    The "About" section of 70'sbig is hilarious.
  3. Zenas

    Advice on muscle gain supplements

    Supplements are a waste of money. I really don't think they do anything at all for you. Creatine may allow you to do one more rep before muscle failure, but that's it. It doesn't get you "big", and neither will other supplements. The only way to gain muscle is by good ole' fashioned working out...
  4. Zenas

    Opinions on P90X?

    My brother in law does it and got some really great results after 3 weeks. I did the yoga video with him. I had been doing yoga for two months prior and thought I was getting pretty strong. The video destroyed me. It was terrible. I couldn't do some of the exercises at all. The others were...
  5. Zenas

    smoking girlfriend

    I quit from a pack to pack-and-a-half a day habit with a few strategies. I didn't smoke that "light" crap either. I smoked Marlboro Reds and Lucky Strikes. 1. I got nicotine gum. They won't make you quit, but they help. They cut the craving enough that it's not torture not to have a cigarette...
  6. Zenas

    Merkur Slant!

    Slant FTW. A buddy of mine let me borrow his. Tonight I warmed up a towel, got the whiskers ready, and popped a Feather into the slant. BBS in most spots with a couple of barely rough patches. My sensitive neck is only mildly irritated, but the AS Balm is helping that. It's going to be hard...
  7. Zenas

    Dealing with a nasty neighbor

    We thought that too. He's probably about 17-18. He used to be a nice kid. He came over to my in-laws and ate lunch and dinner with them. Played with my wife's little brother. The man moved in though and he turned into a monster.
  8. Zenas

    Dealing with a nasty neighbor

    It could be worse, so much worse. My father-in-law is a pastor and as such, had to live in the church manse (parsonage to you Baptists out there). They recently moved in with my wife's grandparents to take care of them in a much nicer house, so they are not longer afflicted with what I'm...
  9. Zenas

    L O S T

    I want to know about the numbers, their significance, and how the Dharma Initiative's work played in with the island, Jacob, etc.
  10. Zenas

    L O S T

    The finale didn't matter with respect to the past 6 Seasons. It ended in the most unpredictably predictable fashions- everyone died, at some point. Well duh. As I understand it, the sideways shots occurred in a pseudo-purgatory wherein time does not exist, so that everyone was there and...
  11. Zenas

    A call to stomach sleepers!

    I sleep on my stomach with my head to the side. My pillow is fairly unsupportive, leaving my neck pretty unstrained. Sometimes I don't even use the pillow and sleep with my head on the bare bed.
  12. Zenas

    Creed Samples

    GIT initially smelled like Lucky No. 6. Still does when I put it on at first. It develops into something different though and my wife loves it. I'm still on my tiny sample as well. A small dab of this stuff goes a long way.
  13. Zenas

    somebody's been a busy bee...

    I have no idea what's going on here or what the screenshot means. :confused1
  14. Zenas

    Where to find tall dress shirts?

    While not under $50, I wear Gitman Brothers. They give an outstanding selection on their website and you have the option to customize. The one I'm wearing right now has last me near 4 years. Still in good condition.
  15. Zenas

    wears between dry cleaning

    Do all your suits not begin to smell after wearing them so much, or do you simply have so many suits that you only have to wear them 2-3 times semi-annually? I have 3 suits, 3 pairs of khakis, one blazer, and several shirts. I will wear a suit 2-3 times between cleanings before they get to...