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  1. yakster

    Brown Leafer Facial Hair Survey

    I don't remember the last time I shaved, but I've been thinking of doing it again for the summer. It's still summer, right?
  2. yakster

    True Story: Asked to leave Cigar Lounge. :-(

    One of the lounges I go to recently started enforcing the "no outside cigars" rule in their lounge. They posted signage to that effect so I don't have too big a problem with it. Another lounge I go to has no problem with outside cigars, but that seems to be a rarity these days from what I hear...
  3. yakster

    What is it with these tobacco sellers?

    Sorry to hear of your frustration, the part about the Arturo Fuente robbery is true, but a lame excuse. Halfwheel has an article about the 40' shipping container of hundreds of thousands of AF cigars that was stolen in early April.
  4. yakster

    I just finished a Cuban cigar

    Floor sweepings, consisting of short filler scrap tobacco, paper, hair, what-have-you. Same sort of thing happens in the coffee industry, except that it's sold to make instant coffee.
  5. yakster

    What Is Your Favorite Pastime to Do While Enjoying a Pipe?

    Sideways photos seem to be an iPhone thing. I've heard that cropping the photo on your phone or doing some other editing first before posting it prevents this.
  6. yakster

    What utensil for cooking bacon?

    Tongs, I even use them to peel off each slice of bacon from the slab and put them in the pan.
  7. yakster

    Straight Razor & Beards?

    I found that when I had a full beard that a straight razor was a great way to edge up the beard and get good clean straight lines. My straight is a Whipped Dog Sight Unseen and I love it.
  8. yakster

    How much cigar do you leave behind?

    About this much, more or less.
  9. yakster

    Announcing Stonehaven Group Buy!

    I'm glad I didn't read this on my tablet because the spoiler button doesn't work on it (won't unhide text). Had me going there.
  10. yakster

    March Meerschaum Madness

    Anyone else thinking possum shave brush?
  11. yakster

    A primer on new Parker razors, please

    I picked up a Parker 98R three piece Ultra Heavy Weight Long Handle Double Edge Safety Razor just for the handle to use with my Muhle 2011 R41 head since I wanted a larger, heavier handle for that head. I have a couple of Merkur razors with similar looking handles so I liked the style and the...
  12. yakster

    Old Spice deodorant chemical burns!

    Well, I was buying Old Spice deodorant, shampoo, and styling gel at Big Lots for cheap, but they've disappeared from their shelves and I guess I'm just not willing to pay full price. Good ride while it lasted, didn't notice any irritation and was hoping to get some more at a good price. There...
  13. yakster

    Pipe Of The Day (POTD)

    I've got tomorrow off so it counts as the weekend, right?
  14. yakster

    March Meerschaum Madness

    They sell small quantities of bees wax for threading needles at fabric stores.
  15. yakster

    Stonehaven and Penzance Alert Thread

    Looks like Penzance is gone now too, at least according to the site.