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    New "Windsor" razor from Above The Tie

    I would love to give one a trial run and write a review.
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    bushcraft knife

    How about a Mora? Morakniv Bushcraft Carbon Black
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    QED Sandalwood - The Holy Grail

    Try Queen Charlotte Mysore Sandalwood.
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    Pine/Coniferous soap with strong scent?

    If you like the smell of spruce trees then try Brutalt Bra Norwegian Woods soap. Great shave with a fantastic woodsy scent.
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    Australian made shave soaps and creams

    Bees for Blokes from Tasmania.
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    Is this a Gillette product?

    The handle looks like the one shown on the ABC shown here: More info below:
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    Speick puck

    If you're referring top the Speick Men Active soap in the bowl it's a soft soap and not as hard as the stick. Here are two of my old posts from this thread with more info:
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    Epsilon Vie Long Badger brushes

    I love my two band Epsilon brush. More info in the thread below:
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    My First Vinatge, UK 1930s New Type
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    My First Vinatge, UK 1930s New Type

    Thank you John. I too miss Jeff_H. He was the one who put me on the path to the French Market Goodwill. It was his "Angel" razor.
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    My First Vinatge, UK 1930s New Type

    I own all of those English New razors in the photos here and to my face the raised flat bottom and the flat bottom shave almost the same. In my experience what made the most difference in the shave was the top cap. As you can see there are many. For me, a smooth shaver is a flat bottom, FB, or...
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    Vintage Gillette DE Blades from 1950's

    Also check below to see most Gillette blades shown with images and date codes.
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    Ancestral DNA testing

    Some info I found while researching both Ancestry and 23anMe.
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    Unscented tallow based soap

    +1 for Valobra Unscented or NOS Art of Shaving Unscented from here or here, which was also made by Valobra in Italy. Here are the ingredients for both: Valobra Unscented Old tallow formula AOS unscented on top. Image by texaninkc.
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    Razor identification help ?

    Looks like an Eclipse Red Ring.
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