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  1. wwoof

    Hmmm, ARKO: Like going through an industrial carwash

    Arko is basically my go-to, now. The puck seems to last forever and it doesn't seem to clog the drain like Proraso. Smell? I haven't even noticed. I'm splashing right after I finish.
  2. wwoof

    Most Frustrating Double Edge Razor

    True shaving wisdom. I'm a SE guy now but cranked it up a few days ago to see if I could find the best angle. I like the Hammer of Thor look but it's apparently not for everyone. I didn't see it on the Pils website the other day.
  3. wwoof

    Most Frustrating Double Edge Razor

    This has probably been done before but when I look back at the DE's lying fallow in the furrow the Pils has a special place. Because it was my most costly razor, I tried over the years to get a decent shave from it. I'd shave for a week and set it down and come back to it later. I never...
  4. wwoof

    Best $100 DE Razor

    So easy, Merkur Futur (gold). Definitely, a Goldilocks razor for me when I was double-edging.
  5. wwoof

    Parker adjustable injector ?

    I struggled with the included injector and switched to "Chick". Much better. It must have been engineered with the "Chick". I have soft skin but I was on 4 in no time. Good multi-pass shaves without the threat of bloodshed. It's going to be a daily driver for me. Comfortable without being...
  6. wwoof

    SE SOTD- What was your tool of choice today?

    Schick Type G with Arko in a tub, and a good splash of Pinaud Vegetal.
  7. wwoof

    Single edge 2.0 by supply

    Supply no workee for me. I tried and tried but couldn't get a close or comfortable shave.
  8. wwoof

    Best Modern SE Razor?

    I couldn't get the hang of CORE (proprietary blades) and Supply. Sometimes you can't improve on the original: Schick. As I love to say: a sports car for your face.
  9. wwoof

    The Schick Nick . . .

    About four months ago I nicked myself just under my left nostril. It bled a little bit but stopped and life went on except it wouldn't get well. After four months I finally made it to the dermatologist to check it out. Turns out to be precancer along with the two tiny bumps that I thought...
  10. wwoof

    Your Worst Shaving Injury?

    Almost four months ago I knicked myself under my left nostril and it has yet to heal! My doctor said he didn't like it that close to my nose and has set me up with a dermatologist. He did say, with my age and complexion, it could be a precancer thingie! From a Schick bite less than 1/4" long...
  11. wwoof

    Review by 'wwoof' on item 'Ed Pinaud Clubman, Old School Scent'

    My first haircut came in '50 or '51 in one of those white-tiled emporiums where men got their "chop job" and shave followed by the overpowering smell of Clubman. If you remember, in those days your barber really slathered you down with aftershave and hair tonic and smelling overwhelming was not...
  12. wwoof

    Schick Hydro-Magic: A Good Razor with a Useless Feature?

    I loved my Hydromagic. It was Goldilocks for me until I sent it off for plating. It came back so aggressive that I no longer use it. Also, the handle is very loose.
  13. wwoof

    OneBlade Core Razor -- is it really just hype?

    I found the Core required a lot of patience to develop a close shave technique. More time than I cared to spend on it. Also, the proprietary blades with a short life span was a big turn off. Once I stray from my Schicks I always come scampering back. I have about learned to stay put with Schick.
  14. wwoof

    SE SOTD- What was your tool of choice today?

    As always, Schick Type G with appropriate Schick blade. Got lazy and used Cremo this morning instead of Proraso. Finished with a small splash of Pinaud Whiskey Woods. I will always say: A vintage Schick is like a sports car for your face.
  15. wwoof

    Is this a good sample set to start with?

    When you get yer technique down, you may want to live dangerously with Kai blades. They make Feathers for sissies.
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