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    Help a friend in need!

    Shouldn't be a tough repair-- just send it to a pipe repair guy. In my experience, a new stem is about a $30 job. I have used Howard Schultz and Mark Tinsky to do repair work, both are great. I am sure other guys will be able to chime in with suggestions as well. Good luck!
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    GL Quiet Nights

    I have tins that I have smoked new with others that have a few years on them. It isn't the same as Penzance, but that is hardly a requirement for it to be cellar worthy. Lovely stuff if you like latakia; definitely worth trying new (and likely only better with age).
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    BL-LE Photo Journal

    This is going to be a great thread!
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    *** Presenting: The 2017 Badger & Blade Brown Leaf L.E. Pipe ***

    One quick word of warning-- Haddo's can sneak up on you... I won't go into details, but...I learned the hard way...
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    *** Presenting: The 2017 Badger & Blade Brown Leaf L.E. Pipe ***

    I am so glad to see so many people lining up for this great looking pipe. I am having to pass sadly (complete pipe buying hiatus, full stop), but I would otherwise love that beauty in my lineup. Well done to Paul and to Price (and any other of his "helpers") in bringing this pipe together (and...
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    I'm just sayin'...

    Are you trying to ensure things don't go out until fall for Tattewell?
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    Pipe PIF

    That is a great looking pipe! In it for the relaxation, when possible. (Not in though!)
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    OK, this is pretty cool. Kramer Blends

    BTW-- I am not sure why there is no "edit" button available on my first post, but there are far too many "cools" for a single paragraph... ;) I look forward to some reviews from you guys-- interesting to see how many of the old blends are still of interest with the changes in people's taste...
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    OK, this is pretty cool. Kramer Blends

    I think this window into people's "personal blends" is kind of cool. Who knows how accurate the recipes are, but it seems like they should be pretty cool...
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    C&D Speakeasy

    Here is another review: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d97-2m8Qt2E&feature=share Sounds interesting, want to check it out.
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    Forthcoming Changes to FDA Regulations?

    I am posting this question with the hope that we can keep off of the election as a whole (though I realize this is a loaded question, so Mods can certainly delete if it derails), but, does anyone have any sense of Trumps position on the FDA regulations? I haven't seen anything one way or the...
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    Christmas pipes

    Strangely enough, I just found this after seeing this thread: http://www.amsmoke.com/XMAS%20PIPES/16_XMAS_PIPE.html
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    Got gifted around 5 pipes - how do i tell what tobacco to use?

    I wouldn't worry about "ruining" them (absent a few notoriously ghosty blends), it may take time with the pipes to figure out what are best matches. Certainly post some pictures!
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    Open season on cuban cigars?

    Saw that, but how does the FDA rules work since they haven't been sold in the use prior to 2007? Are they still grandfathered in?
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    Outdoors Smoking Chair?

    We have a wicker furniture set sitting in our carport converted to a covered patio, with the chair being much more comfortable than it out to be. Favorite nights are summer thunderstorms--staying dry and smoking while watching the rain pass through are a great time.
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