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  1. Wishoot

    Hot dogs anyone?

    Make mine a Coney Island from either American or Lafayette Coney in Detroit. Leo's Coney will do too. Always with extra onion.
  2. Wishoot

    Best TOBS cream?

    Their interpretation of Sandalwood was disappointing IMO. Compared to AOS or T&H, the scent was weak and artificial. Performance, however, was excellent. Personally, my favorite TOBS is Almond.
  3. Wishoot

    Ammunition "Shortage"? Not quite...

    I've got several thousand LP and SP primers left, but they'll be gone in 24 months at the rate I shoot/reload. Hopefully things will improve by then, but I'm a bit worried.
  4. Wishoot

    TN passes constitutional carry of handguns

    They really rolled back the need for licensing and background checks.
  5. Wishoot

    TN passes constitutional carry of handguns

    We spend a lot of time in the Knoxville, TN area. The hiking around there is beautiful. My wife has family there. I can absolutely see myself living there once our kids are fully launched and off the payroll. On a side note....with the exception of a corner of the basement where I have my...
  6. Wishoot

    To Stipple? Or Not To Stipple? That Is The Question...

    Personally, I don't care for the feel of stippled grips. I've used bicycle innertube to help with slick grips. That's what I have on my Shield right now.
  7. Wishoot

    Wet Shaving Products- Mamacita! Where Have You Been All Of My Life?

    Let us know what you think of the cream. I've been more of a soap user of late, but still like whipping up a good superlather now and then too.
  8. Wishoot

    Wet Shaving Products- Mamacita! Where Have You Been All Of My Life?

    I'm really loving all of their products so far. Bar soaps and aftershaves. Once I use up my stick of La Toja, I'm going to order a couple of their shave soaps too. I may not wait for my La Toja to get used up.
  9. Wishoot

    Welcome, amazing

    Welcome from sunny, warm Milwaukee, WI!
  10. Wishoot


    The Rocky Mountaineer. Not my picture, but hope to vacationing on this beauty if the world opens up later this year. Although I've traveled this part of the world a few times, it was always with a 60-70 lbs backpack with a tent for my shelter. This train ride has been on my bucket list for...
  11. Wishoot

    Salutations from Bulgaria!

    Welcome aboard! You're a brave soul for diving into SE blades so quickly!
  12. Wishoot

    Classic typewriter fans?

    Can't say I have too many fond memories of using a typewriter. Manual or automatic. I've used them since middle school through my first few years in the workforce.
  13. Wishoot

    Ammunition "Shortage"? Not quite...

    There's a huge demand issue. Even reloading components are scarce.
  14. Wishoot

    Gotten Yours Yet??

    Moderna #1 tomorrow. Herd immunity and a return to normalcy can't happen soon enough.
  15. Wishoot

    Anyone else do this?

    Sometimes. Only because I enjoy looking at them.
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