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  1. whiteweed

    FS Rooney - Truefitt & Hill Brushes

    Solid brushes Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  2. whiteweed

    Gillette tech trio

    Am I missing the price. I lik the 32. What is shipping cost to 37916?
  3. whiteweed

    Tour de France

    Love the tour. Have watched for years having worked many evening shifts. I had the pleasure of watching Sagan help Cavendish into the wall live. Personally I thought he had a right to defend that, there wasn’t enough room. Throwing the elbow was a bad decision however. I wonder how that would...
  4. whiteweed

    WTB Gillette Slim Adjustable

    I have a Short handled Super in great shape. They are really great adjustable as well.
  5. whiteweed

    Knife Making

    Nice, I willing be following this thread. Love to see knife making.
  6. whiteweed

    Gillette Knack

    Without a doubt the funnnest razor in my den. It is not my go to with 48 hours of growth, but would do the job there as well. I am usually a three inch handel, but there is something that just works with this. I use my sharpest blades. The past week have been thing of buying a mint one even...
  7. whiteweed

    This Day In History

    The name Sooner was given to those who made their way in before or should I say Sooner than they were supposed to. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  8. whiteweed

    Anyone else dislike Proraso ? (and where to go from here)

    Take a look at T.O.B.S. Some fun creams with a wide array of scents.
  9. whiteweed

    Carry Revolver - What are the options?

    Just checked these out over at Lucky gunner, most impressive. If you have not checked Luckygunner there extensive in house reviews and customer service is top notch.
  10. whiteweed

    WTB RR Son of Zeus bath soap

    I am thinking of trying this scent, soap and AS, can you recommend those? Good luck on your search. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  11. whiteweed

    Carry Revolver - What are the options?

    Quite a nice thread. I think my KSP 3231, 32 H&R magnum will fit into. I am getting ready to purchase a 442 and get back to revolver carry. I love the simplicity.
  12. whiteweed

    FS GC .68P, GC .84P, Timeless Bronze Top Cap, Timeless SS .68 SB Base, 4 Vintage Gillettes and a Schick M Adjustable

    If you want to have a fun little change to the shave routine. Buy that Knack and put a Feather in it. Don't know what it is, maybe that long handle. Lots of fun.
  13. whiteweed


    Someone would do good to try the Cade and Wickham and severak others here.
  14. whiteweed

    What Aftershave did you use today?

    Col Conk Bayrum Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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