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    Razor Bluing

    If the rust is not too bad, I say hone it and use it, it looks way cool. Bil
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    Anyone having experience with this shavette?

    not that particular model, but it looks identical to a Parker, Bluebeard's Revenge, and several other brands. I say, go for it. I started with a Parker, only diff was that it has plastic scales. Once I got the hang of shaving I moved to traditional straights, but I still use a variety of...
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    Stropping With Loose Scales

    + 1 to tightening the pins, I have done that before, usually because the blade is too loose. But when stropping, I hold the blade by the shoulder so the scales don't really matter.
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    Pilot Parallel Pen Review

    + 1, these pens are fantastic. I like to use them to write little love notes for the wifey, that I leave around the house. The ink mixing is also way cool. Thank Syngent for that idea... regards, Bil
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    Straight Convert

    If the price is right, I would def go for the wade and butcher.
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    "Thinking" of a Straight Razor. Need advise

    my two cents... My wife got me interested in straights (long story), I started doing some reseach, found B&B, and eventually decided on a very cheap dispose-a-blade razor. I figured, if I didn't like it, or if I hurt myself too much, I wouldn't be out much dinero. Anyway, I started out slow...
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    Help identifying razor

    Where are you located? There are several fine fellows on this site that would probably put a fantastic egde on it just for the price of shipping. That's part of what makes B&B such a great place! Bil
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    Help identifying razor

    No matter, you have a very nice blade, and I would get it fit, and sharp, and shave the hell out of it. I thnk it would be sacrilegious not to use it.
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    Fighting Rooster 1987 US Constitution Straight Razor

    Is there a maker stamped on the blade?
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    50 free honings

    so, how many did you hone?
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    Shave with the Weasel?

    how do you that?
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    How many shaves. Gold Dollar version.

    Shaved with my 3/8 TI tonight, so it doesn't count. Also had some bourbon, and now poking around in my humidor...
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    Shave with the Weasel?

    Sorry, I couln't help myself....
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    Shaving Factory Shavette: My opinion and looking for an alternative

    I have both the Parker, and the Dreadnought. The Parker scales fell apart after about a month. The Dreadnought is bigger and IMHO, better built than the Parker, no problems with it.