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    Mansion lambert aftershave

    I really like the mansion lambert shaving soap. Has anyone tried the aftershave?
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    Who here shaves every day?

    I also do everyday
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    Who here shaves every day?

    Or if not how many days do you typically go between shaves?
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    Silvertip badger hair

    Im thinking of getting one. Are they really all they are cracked up to be?
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    The "Fool's Pass"

    I’ll do a fools pass with the safety razor, but I’m not comfortable doing that with the straight razor yet.
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    What is everyone’s set up?

    Here is what I got.
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    Prefer my own shave over a barbers.

    I’ve been wet shaving for a while now and I recently when tin to get a shave from a barber. The thing is, I prefer the shave I do on myself as opposed to his. Has anyone else had this happen?
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    New razor

    Yes it is the Dx. Thanks for the tip. Been using a safety razor for a while, just switched to the shavette.
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    New razor

    Just picked it up. Artist club series.
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    best beard oils?

    any ideas?
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    Pre and post compliment

    Can anyone recommend a good pre shave oil and after a shave that would go well with Madison lambert shaving soap? I have sensitive skin and would like to go the organic route. Thank you.
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