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Recent content by WesternModern

  1. WesternModern

    Best live rock performance?

    This would have been fun...
  2. WesternModern

    TV Shows You've Watched The Entire Series More Than Once

    Mad Men 30 Rock Arrested Development Pushing Daisies Band Of Brothers Gilmore Girls Modern Family
  3. WesternModern

    How many soaps/creams in rotation?

    My regular four: Proraso green tub RazoRock XXX La Toja stick Acqua di Parma yellow jar Tabac, Arko and Musgo Real also make appearances now and then.
  4. WesternModern

    Watch Ya Wearing

    After seeing this photo I really want to get one of these.
  5. WesternModern

    Watch Ya Wearing

    Nice! That one caught my eye (with the full-lume dial), the 39mm case seems kind of small to me though. I was wearing this when I saw your post so I had to take a photo - my Archimede Vintage pilot watch (my first really good watch!)
  6. WesternModern

    What aftershave and cream combination did use today?

    Acqua di Parma Shaving Cream (yellow jar) Floid Vigaroso
  7. WesternModern

    Today is my tenth anniversary with B&B

    (Belated) Congratulations Owen - happy anniversary!
  8. WesternModern

    Great Covers

    Brian Wilson, covering "Brian Wilson"
  9. WesternModern

    Great Covers

    Covering the Zombies
  10. WesternModern

    What are you listening to?

    50th anniversary remastering...looking forward to the whole album.
  11. WesternModern

    What are you listening to?

    The Shins recorded a much more palatable version, giving it a great Brian Wilson- style sound.
  12. WesternModern

    Great Covers

  13. WesternModern

    What are you listening to?

    New release by Nick Cave
  14. WesternModern

    Great Covers

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