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Recent content by Westcoast67

  1. Westcoast67

    Straight Shave in Florence (maybe Venice)

    Can't seem to find this place on Google Street View, anyone know the name? Would like to visit there next month while in Florence.
  2. Westcoast67

    7 Regent Lane & Indochino

    If you check out the StyleForum site, you will see many of catastrophic examples of online MTM suits. Very difficult to dial in measurements and have them translated into a properly fitting suit. Not sure of your location but people are reporting excellent value for dollar on the SuitSupply...
  3. Westcoast67

    Finally got my Edwin Jagger DE89 Barley Chrome

    Waiting on mine to be delivered. Really like the looks, if it performs half as well as it looks I'm sure it'll be my new favourite razor.
  4. Westcoast67

    What's the importance of the type of lather bowl to use?

    I use just a glazed bowl that I would imagine be used for salsa or the like. Just small enough to palm it. It doesn't keep the lather warm very much but its about the right size for some Marco method swirling.
  5. Westcoast67


    We remember.
  6. Westcoast67

    My First Use Of The Alum Block

    How appropriate you conquered your battle with alumaphobia on D-Day. I find alum actually most useful to get traction on a wet face when stretching the skin to get hard to reach areas under the jawline.
  7. Westcoast67

    The Turkish Experience...

    Slightly off topic, has anyone else seen the flaming q-tip trick for ear hair made famous by Turkish barbers? Youtube it!
  8. Westcoast67

    Which Eucaliptus-mint soap do you prefer?

    Mentolipto in my opinion does not fit your bill, it is a very very mild scent. Excellent performing and not offensive smelling, but I would not describe it as eucalyptus/mint at all.
  9. Westcoast67

    After much Proraso Sandalwood anticipation....

    Just used this for the first time today. Really like the scent and performance. One of my first soaps/creams in the Sandalwood world, but I like it much better than T&H's version and RR's new version. Not sure if it is more authentic sandalwood or anything, but I do know it is quite nice to...
  10. Westcoast67

    Initial RR La Famiglia thoughts...

    You may want to try the 888 Aftershave wax, first ingredient is Orange Blossom. And it comes through quite strong.
  11. Westcoast67

    after workout recovery drink

    http://www.pacifichealthlabs.com/recover/endurox-r4-muscle-recovery-drink.html Check Amazon for best price ~$35 for 4 lbs.
  12. Westcoast67

    Proraso Sandelwood

    +1. Interested to try it out
  13. Westcoast67

    Favorite Razorock Artisan Scent pt.2

    Confident you will be happy with the choice. Again it's YMMV, but it's dead on for 7-Up/Sprite to me when lathering. A little stronger citrus smelling just the jar.
  14. Westcoast67

    Which 'la famiglia' soaps did you order today? Which scent are you most excited about

    1 x RazoRock La Famiglia Aftershave Balm, Nonno Michelino Sandalwood (rrnonnoasb) = $5.99 1 x Proraso Shave Cream 150g Tube Menthol and Eucalyptus-New Formula (Proraso150tubenewG) = $8.99 1 x Proraso Sandalwood with Shea Butter Shaving Cream Tube (ProrasoRedtube) = $9.99 2 x RazoRock La Famiglia...
  15. Westcoast67

    Could This Be Something Other Than an Ingrown Hair?

    6-8" long? Hoooooly that's unreal!
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