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    Worst Blade

    Shark. I tried three of them in different razors and they all felt like they weren't stropped never doing that to my face again
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    How "Turkey" was your shave today?

    Derby Extra in a RR German 37 Arko shave stick with Nivea sensitive balm and Omega boar brush -Italy. 2 out of 5, Who did better?
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    Can't stop sniffing Tabac!

    I have heard a lot of people talk about Tabac's great performance, and they usually say it has a less great smell. But I think it is one of the best scents I've ever smelled. I want to take that shave stick and put a wick in it so I can have a Tabac candle. Who's with me?
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    What is the easiest, simplest, or cheapest way to maintain a straight razor?

    I would say get a good practice strap it's like 20 bucks. And plan to move up to like a $50 a good strap. A paddle strap with a little bit of m a a s on it what help touch up the edge maybe once a week and then I would just find someone you trust and send it out to be sharpened maybe every three...
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    hot water

    Because we use temperatures of between 350 and 450F for straightening and curling hair. 300F is basically the lowest most flat irons will go and at that point it can be helpful for extremely thin old-lady hair where you are basically just drying the hair to set it usually with a bunch of...
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    Distilled Water

    Yeah but The reason I say that nobody knows why Dasani is acidic, is because it contains about 20 TDS which is a normal range for drinking water with minerals added, but it is ph4 whereas other waters, RO like Aquafina which only had 2 TDS but a ph5 which is nearly identical to distilled...
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    Distilled Water

    Most distilled water comes from bottles and it's the only kind of bottled water I usually buy. So when I say "bottled water" I am often referring to distilled. Reverse osmosis (a fancy word for "filtered") water is usually filtered to nearly distilled softness and then a small amount of salt and...
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    Which of your DE razors is the worst? Why do you keep it?

    I keep all my razors for display. Unless I have multiple and then I PIF them to people looking to get started in wetshaving. I really don't have a least favorite. But my brass long comb razors are probably some of the meanest. Honestly they are designed for thicker different shaped blades...
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    Schick Krona- Best shave ever

    Fantastic razor. When I used cartridges I was a Schick fanboy so it makes sense that I would like the Schick DE razors too.
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    Shaving the back of your neck

    Just be careful, I've had to fix a lot of men's haircuts that tried to shave their own neck. Sometimes it ends with, "how do you feel about joining the marines?" I can't put hair back.
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    Can Badger Hair Give Rash?

    2oz per 32oz of water, so one cup per gallon. One splash, or teaspoon in a coffee cup is enough. Barbicide is only rated to completely disinfect non-porous surfaces. So in a barbershop with multiple people using a brush, a synthetic brush is necessary. But just cleaning your own brush every...
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    It's smooth, but it ain't sharp!

    Some of it has to do with coatings, some from the grit the blade is honed with maybe a bit from the angle of the bevel and how much the blade flexes. Some of these things are also controlled by the razor which is why some blades work great for one person in one razor but are terrible with the...
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    hot water

    Hot water will absorb faster into just about anything including hair. It will also open the pores and make the skin more elastic which can result in a closer shave for some people. Personally I find that switching to cold water after the initial soak gives less irritation and sometimes a closer...
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    Explain it to me like I'm five year old!

    There is a lot of engineering that goes into making a DE blade work. The razor head needs to hold the blade tight, align it perfectly square and symmetrical on both sides and it needs to bend the blade to create tension which keeps the very thin blade from flexing and cutting your face, and the...
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    Can Badger Hair Give Rash?

    It could be a lot of things, just a bad shave giving a razor burn, reaction to products, you could have an allergy to badgers the same way that some people are allergic to cats or dogs, and you could have a problem with bacteria or fungus in the brush. Hair, soap residue and moisture in a...
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