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  1. weekly

    What do you watch on YouTube?

    Snooker or Pool videos And 2nd favorite are the cooking videos
  2. weekly

    Open comb recomendation

    Don't be such a grouch...
  3. weekly

    Razorock BBS First Impressions

    Everything you just listed is 99% user's Error. And I mean that as a hard number, in other words there is no wiggle room in the statistic..
  4. weekly

    No point shaving with another razor...

    Yes it absolutely makes sense to me.. I Have had the same sentiment since I've Returned to traditional shaving 6 years ago.. If I ate Steak & Lobster every day it would Cease to be special.
  5. weekly

    Super Flash Platinum Super Stainless blades

    I would certainly like too get my hands On some of those blades also... I have plenty of top tier blades in my stash so it's not that I need them, it's more like I just want them to add to my rotation and More so to my collection of blades.
  6. weekly

    Feather FHS10 blades

    Feather FHS-10 In my OneBlade Core I can get one really Great three pass shave and the second attempt to use the blade barely qualifies As a shave, in fact calling the second use a shave is what my result would consider delusional..
  7. weekly

    Steep or Shallow?

    For me it really depends on the razor Take for example, when I use my Razor Rock OC GC .84 a shallow angle Gives a medium amount of blade feel And a much safer shave now if I use the Steepest effective angle the blade feel greatly increases and the razor becomes Much more dangerous and I...
  8. weekly

    If you had like tons of money, and could make the perfect razor

    I would get a set exactly like this one With the only change I'd make is I would Have made with a Wolfman WR2 instead Of the pictured WR1
  9. weekly

    Wolfman WR2 1.15 SB: First Shave Assessment

    I had filled out the Google form during The most hectic time, on Sept 7, 2019 And took delivery and had the razor in my hands on February 11, 2020. Now I asked Tara in December right before Christmas about how much longer my Wait would be and then I got an email from James via his personal...
  10. weekly

    Wolfman WR2 1.15 SB: First Shave Assessment

    Only a little more??? Hmmm
  11. weekly

    Travis' Tech Talk

    This will be my shave setup for Today's shave.
  12. weekly

    Sometimes a brush is just better!

    For me it's not just sometimes, I consider A brush to always be better than the no Brush sub-par lather.
  13. weekly

    Old Spice Shaving Mug

    I'd like to have the one with boat on it. The looks are what we used to call ColdBlooded back in the day.
  14. weekly

    GEM Push Button

    The Pushbutton on my face is very mild And it is very efficient DFS in two passes BBS in 3 passes with very little touch up And 15 hours later the BBS is just starting to Morph into a DFS.
  15. weekly

    Yaqi Adjustable Prototype

    You took the words right out of my mouth I don't see it either.
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