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Recent content by weekly

  1. weekly

    Wolfman: On the waiting list. Questions.

    At some point through out a straight Month of testing & analysis I've used The full spectrum of angles for both sides And often do the first pass with either Side depending on exactly what kind of Shave I want on that day and what blade I'm using and whether it's the first or Last shave...
  2. weekly

    Wolfman: On the waiting list. Questions.

    It could be but I have figured out the Best way for me with most of the blades That I use in this razor is to use completely different angles when I switch Sides I find the WR2 to offer drastically Different experiences in OC & SB based Solely on the angle and I usually use the SB for the...
  3. weekly

    Wolfman: On the waiting list. Questions.

    I have a WR2 DC and I use both The OC &SB sides on every shave and it's A different experience that I enjoy quite Well so much so that on my upcoming Order I ordered a 1.35 DC in basic brushed With a WRH2 100mm hollow handle.
  4. weekly

    SOTD "FREE WEEK" May 17th - May 23rd, 2021

    The shaving cream is a real underrated Bargain I purchased it a year ago at HyVee for $6.99 and it lathers really Good and is very slick & long lasting. I used new (1) PTFE blade for two pass DFS wtg then xtg/atg.
  5. weekly

    Wolfman: On the waiting list. Questions.

    That is good news. A few years ago when I last looked It only went up too 1.25 or 1.35
  6. weekly

    80’s Superspeeds

    No I feel terrible that I wasn't the Type of collector/hoarder back Then, that I am now. But then again It never entered my mind that those Super speeds were actually rare and Would decades later be collectable
  7. weekly

    Wolfman: On the waiting list. Questions.

    The order form last time I looked Only goes up to 1.25 is that still the Case? Does anyone know, if so by all Means please update us. And also will James at this time Go beyond the 1.25
  8. weekly

    80’s Superspeeds

    Back in 1992 the Walmart in West Dundee Illinois still had plenty Of them on the shelf most were black Handle but some were dark blue And some were a very dark burgundy And they were going for around $7.00 Or $8.00. I had purchased the rare One in the bunch with the light blue & Silver...
  9. weekly


    In your photo the ones on the right are the New packaging and on the left are the original packaging. Both are authentic..
  10. weekly

    Blackland Dart - First Shave

    This was my setup & it took down 10 days Growth in one pass with some minor touch up, the blade was new (1) Astor is IMO a Super Sharp Blade.
  11. weekly

    OMG! Will the madness never end?

    Nobody's stopping them. This is a shaving thread, so if a person Don't like carts, they can post it if they Want to.
  12. weekly

    Karve brass washer warning

    That is my sentiment exactly... Well put !
  13. weekly

    Blades on Alibaba

    Haven't found a Vendor who'll ship me Some to the USA yet ! Has anyone found such a vendor yet? If so please let us know by replying to This thread.
  14. weekly

    What do you watch on YouTube?

    Snooker or Pool videos And 2nd favorite are the cooking videos
  15. weekly

    Open comb recomendation

    Don't be such a grouch...
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