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  1. wazza

    Road Bike Mirror

    Safer and easier to look over your shoulder. There's no blind spot. Just realax as your bike will follow your shoulders if you're tense.
  2. wazza

    Snowdonia and Lake District

    I couldn't give you specifics regarding hikes at those places but narrowing searches down to those areas will bring a bunch of stuff up.
  3. wazza

    Snowdonia and Lake District

    I've not climbed Snowdonia, drove past it a few times but I have visited the Lakes a bunch of times cycling, such as Windermere, Keswick, Kendal and Sedbergh. All stunning places and all being roughly within 80 miles.
  4. wazza

    What your EDC (Every Day Carry)

    My work edc LM Rebar Olight S15R Clipper Cord Pen Nktepad JB Key Glasses wipes & cloth
  5. wazza

    B & B Boar Brush?

    I love my BB brush which I got off of the BST, barely used. It broke in lovely and get used the most. The knot is great but I couldn't tell you how it compares to a SOC as I've not used one, as the look flopppy to me and the Omega has a ton of backbone. Speculation there though. As much as its...
  6. wazza

    Valet shaving brush, anybody know the history

    mixed media, eh? Not sure what you mean there. Thats what I am wondering too.
  7. wazza

    Valet shaving brush, anybody know the history

    Hello I recently bought a Valet brush from the 'bay, which hasn't arrived yet. Having a quick poke around online for any company history and to whether it is the same company as the razor company, I came back with nothing. Anybody know anytging regarding Valet? cheers
  8. wazza

    Coleman Stove Restoration

    Excellent job there. Restores always seem more exciting when there's a back story to the item, such as yours. Heres to another 52 hears of the stove.
  9. wazza

    Incoming projects

    The beehive handle looks amazing. As for the loft I seem to set mine at 50mm mostly, I like the scrub.
  10. wazza

    Rubberset #153 & 203

    You've done a great job there, they do look great. Out of interest what type and grit did you use to sand the handles and did you use anything else to make them shine?
  11. wazza

    Simms Set In Rubber Reknot

    it should, I like the character is really a cover up for 'I am lazy' :001_smile Thanks
  12. wazza

    Two homemade handles

    Those handles look superb!
  13. wazza

    Re-Knot Horse Hair 22mm

    Sounds right up my street. Will give one a try, just a hunt for another handle firstly.
  14. wazza

    Everyday Shaving

    No worries! Didn't you ever use the Cella? One of my faves.