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  1. warman2012

    Williams Mug Soap, perfectly fine.... don’t hit me.

    I am new to the Williams scene but I will tell you I am an interesting case in that I have had BOTH sides of the coin tossed at me regarding the issues surrounding this soap. I too started just putting water on my brush and lathering only to come up short and disappointed with the soap's cushion...
  2. warman2012

    William's Mug...Here we go again... (Ongoing Review)

    Hey all. I have not been active on these forums in some time, but I thought I would post an ongoing review for Williams Mug. Yes, that Williams Mug, the soap that is polarized all over wet shaverdom. I recently ran low on my go-to soap, Van Der Hagen, and thought to give this a try. My...
  3. warman2012

    Moving back to carts - what is the overall best (quality / price / longevity) non-Gillette system to try?

    @Umma2gumma I can see your preference for a razor has been established. But, if I may, can I direct your attention to a razor system that is just as great as carts? If you are a fan of schick, then an Injector razor system would be a great fit. I had the same problem you had and almost switched...
  4. warman2012

    Do Schick Hydro Carts fit a Personna handle and vice versa?

    Simply as the title implies. Both the Hydro razor and the Personna cousin (i.e. Walmart 5 blade razor) use the same type of heads from the looks of it. Question is, are these heads interchangeable at all?
  5. warman2012

    Guess I'll be going back to cartridge razors

    This thread is pretty old, but if the OP can still see this, I feel the same way you do. I quit the DE brigade long ago. Though, I did give the old stuff another look, and to my surprise found injectors. Fun thing about injectors is they shave like carts but are still old "grandpa kit" that ppl...
  6. warman2012

    How do you pronounce Speick?

    Call me crazy, but this word looks similar in spelling to a slur for Spanish ppl. Am I the only one concerned here?
  7. warman2012

    Trac ii and store brand cartridges

    I've tried what I believe to be Personna carts or maybe made by Dorco even. My Dollar General has a disposable Atra-like handle with these generic carts for a Trac 2. My experience was that the carts from Dollar General tended to clog easily, and there was no way for water to flow through from...
  8. warman2012

    Learning, having fun, coming full circle

    Hmm, I'd have to check that out. Seems like I might be part of that crowd. I've always watched other YT shavers shave upwards at 90 degrees, so I did the same thing. Then I learned about feeling the way the hair grows, thanks to the fine folks of this site, which helped lead me to my initial...
  9. warman2012

    Learning, having fun, coming full circle

    I'm still giving this whole process some thought. I made the OP in a bit of an angry haste and have since really sat down and looked at what was wrong. I don't lament going back to carts. In a way, I already have gone back to carts, just with injectors as opposed to straight carts. I found that...
  10. warman2012

    Worst Shaving Advice You Have Ever Gotten

    This really wasn't so much advice as just dumb thinking on my part: Shave in one direction in long strokes. Also, shaving straight up on the neck. Side note: I cannot shave straight up on my neck or chin without cuts. I thought when I did that it was the razor's fault. Well not anymore. It was...
  11. warman2012

    Learning, having fun, coming full circle

    Update: So it seems maybe I might reconsider my original thought. I tried a differing method of blade direction and I get pretty darn close to BBS and I'm not leaking like a blood pack. So I'm going to give this decision process another week.
  12. warman2012

    Learning, having fun, coming full circle

    Well gents, I will admit, I have had fun throughout these last three to four years of using safety razors. From my venerable Parker 99r to now my Schick Injector type I, I have been on an incredible journey. However, there comes a time when a man needs to prioritize what is important. Right now...
  13. warman2012

    Worst Shaving Advice You Have Ever Gotten

    The worst advice I took was from Geofatboy on YouTube when he said a Parker 99r was good for beginners. I forget what vid he said that on, but I took that advice, bought one, and had a year of cruddy shaves with that razor even after I took the time to hone my technique. Turned me off of DE...
  14. warman2012

    Gillette Heritage Initial Review

    My previous statement did not account for international models because the subject of my original post was only taking into consideration here in the US and is meant to be talking strictly about the US release. Thing is, the case and razor are harkening back to the tradition of what Gillette...
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