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    Hair Sticking Up!

    Your hair looks fine in your latest photo, but the guys you have pictured seem (I'm no hairdresser) to have much longer hair than you do. Maybe show the pics to your barber and he could try something different. I get a similar patch of hair to your first picture when I wear earmuffs for a long...
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    I counted 253 different Omega shaving brushes

    I can't tell you that, but I can tell you that if they are all like the one I have had for the past few years, they should loose about a dozen hairs each. I'd doed the calcumination fo youd but mine slider-ruler is bended:a12:
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    I counted 253 different Omega shaving brushes

    Just went to the Omega brush site, HOLY-MOLY do they have a lot of models! Quite a few are available with or without stands, so they were only counted once. And yes, a lot have the same handle but with different types of knots. Near the end, in the 30ish page, they also have a few razors to...
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    What is your favourite Clubman AS?

    I believe that is the Veg's biggest appeal :)
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    Thater Premium Boar

    I can't wait to see how this will be resolved. At worst they will re-glue the knot pieces in place and stiff you for the shipping cost (would love to see the posters the folks here would come up with if that happened!!!). The bare minimum would be to replace the knot and reimburse you for the...
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    Thater Premium Boar

    You can't spell Thater without hater. The Thater Haters...coming this fall, check local listings! :001_tt2: The pictures in this thread alone has turned me completely off the company. In the meantime I'm still using a four or five year old $14 Omega (I even drilled a hole through the...
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    What are some unusual but working brush knots?

    I've been in a Tackle shop that sold tons of fly-tying materials. Saw some pieces of exotic bird skins with feathers (can't really call them furs). I'm sure they could whip up a good lather, and be a good "painter", but probably too scritchy for face lathering, have no idea if they would hold...
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    Vendor "house brand" synthetic brushes all the same?

    A few years ago all the talk here was Plissoft Plissoft Plissoft Plissoft Plissoft Plissoft then it was Tuxedo Tuxedo Tuxedo Tuxedo Tuxedo and now it's Yaqi Yaqi Yaqi Yaqi Yaqi Yaqi Yaqi Yaqi Yaqi Yaqi Yaqi Yaqi :a13: Too bad there is no way to know which manufacturer made which knots.
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    using WiFi....novice level questions

    Thanks for the info jruschme :)
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    Do you still have or use your first Shaving Brush

    Yes. It is just a cheap Wilki similar to the one pictured bellow. I now use it as a small duster for car vents and such.
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    What can I do with a scroll saw?

    Marquetry, whirligigs, shaving stands, small boxes, basically makes cutting intricate curves in thin wood a breeze.
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    Vendor "house brand" synthetic brushes all the same?

    Sorry, by vendor I meant Italian Barber, Maggard, Fendrihan, West Coast Shaving, etc.
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    Vendor "house brand" synthetic brushes all the same?

    Most of the known shaving supply vendors offer their own branded synthetic brushes, most often originating from China. Are all the knots all sourced from the same place?
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