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Recent content by W_B_K

  1. W_B_K

    Italian Striaght Razor

    I've seen quite a few Solingen blades with Italian on the box and/or blade.
  2. W_B_K

    Kanayama #30000 vs Kanayama #5260

    Don't!! :blink: From JimR's Eastern Smooth site: Naomi-san recommends no oiling, as this can alter the strops finish deeply. Instead, if you feel the surface of the strop is dirtied, glazed or it isn't giving the edge you want, try this: Lay the strop face-up on a flat surface. Get a...
  3. W_B_K

    My Pops Old Strop. What Have I Got Here?

    Looks like piggies were not common overseas, however in the US it was well used. Sometimes not marked as such, but if it has those telltale dimples, it's pig.
  4. W_B_K

    Ambrose Strops new lineup

    Got my stuff in today... really beautiful work. The tag on the strop says it takes several hours of work to finish one... I believe it! The surface feels much like a Dubl Duck shell strop I had at one time. EDIT: Got around to using it later: The De Caballo is really a beauty. I gave it a...
  5. W_B_K

    $2500 EA Berg Holy*bleep*!

    I once came across a razor with similar scales at an antique shop. The scales were actually even more ornate, and until this auction, the only I had seen in that style. Unfortunately the blade was trash with large chips and heavy rust. Some of the gold on the scales was gone along with some...
  6. W_B_K

    How did the Japanese strop, old school?

    On some, I have found the edge of the "hase" (spine) to be a bit sharp. Unless you smooth that out, it will scratch a strop especially when you do the flip.
  7. W_B_K

    What's up with this Illinois No. 70

    Yes, use it as a daily linen. It is not that abrasive :)
  8. W_B_K

    What's up with this Illinois No. 70

    Yes, it is normal. That is how vintage linen was often done, impregnated with a slightly abrasive compound. It works very well.
  9. W_B_K

    My one problem with Cella

    My wife shaved her legs using Cella once. The smell was too good... dang dog wouldn't leave her alone! :001_smile
  10. W_B_K

    Good Bye - Electrical Tape

    I used tape when I started, but also sent some of my razors to be honed by a reputable honemeister here to compare edges. His edges would always last whereas mine needed touchup honing at least once a month. His opinion of it was because of the tape, when you strop, it does not make the best...
  11. W_B_K

    Free Parker 21

    Try some of this on it: http://www.captaintolley.com/
  12. W_B_K

    How did the Japanese strop, old school?

    Originally stropped on the palm of the hand. There are vintage Japanese strops. Kanayama started producing strops before WW2, I am sure there were others that were earlier than that. Of course using a strop enabled a longer lasting edge. JimR on SRP translated Kousuke Iwasaki-shi's book a...
  13. W_B_K

    holding a kanayama strop? gold leaf stamp in the way

    An alternative is to have him change the stamps. Part of the reason I did not like my first Kanayama was the huge stamps. I saw that JimR was offering other stamps and colors. I asked if it was possible to move the Kanayama stamp up top and leave the number stamp on the bottom and ditch the...
  14. W_B_K

    How many have 'made the leap?'

    Using a straight exclusivly for a little over a year now. Once my straight shaves weren't taking any longer than using a safety razor, I pretty much stopped using my DE. I sold my last DE last year since it was getting used anymore. Even though intially I enjoyed using both types of razors...
  15. W_B_K

    Ambrose Strops new lineup

    They are beauties, can't wait to get my hands on them! He is currently upgrading the site. If you sign up for his mailing list you will get updates before they go up on his website. :thumbup1:
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