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Recent content by vtmax

  1. vtmax

    FS DG Milksteak

    Offering an extra new/unused Champs De Lavande. $16 conus. Thanks.
  2. vtmax

    FS Soft Heart

    New/Unused. Rhapsody. $13 conus. Thanks.
  3. vtmax

    Unconventional SV Storage

    I have used the Bullgoose container but found it too bulky. The Maggards jars below, made and supplied by Colt’s Plastics, are nice but a bit wide. I have gone back to the IKEA Grundtal containers. Perfect tight fit for the SV pucks. After all these years the Grundtal jars might be my favorite...
  4. vtmax

    FS GroomingDept Nai

    New/Unused. Backup Nai base Aion on offer. $22 conus. Thanks
  5. vtmax

    Best 2020 soaps? (lather wise)

    Laugar of Sweden - Fantastic soap Grooming Dept Tallow & Steel Ethos (owned 3 sets) I found lacking and highly overrated in my use.
  6. vtmax

    How Many Soaps?

    Wise advice here. Tell me about a gent with 50-100 soaps in his den who says he is happy with that number of perishable goods and I will gently ask him to be honest. I keep it down to around 5 jars at a time. Fresher soaps and I can be honest with myself when looking in that mirror above.
  7. vtmax

    Rate these 5

    Tallow and Steel is a better base in my use than A&E’s Kaizen.
  8. vtmax

    Grooming Dept vs. Ethos Grooming Essentials

    Ethos Lavender Supreme and Melange de’ agrumes here and various GroomingDept formulas. GD is starting to get into essential oils. Ethos wins out with elegant EO profiles easily. In shave slickness and post shave skin care goes without doubt to GroomingDept. Ethos slickness and post shave (soap...
  9. vtmax

    Noble Otter Firefighter

    I have an extra jar. New/Unused. $18 delivered conus. Thanks.
  10. vtmax

    User friendly

    No flame at all and well said. I have been on the forums since MSN started up in the late 90’s and it is a recurring theme with a lot of shavers. Snobbery is a factor. Some do get closer shaves with a DE and no ingrowns but a lot are just trying to convince themselves. I love my Wolfman and...
  11. vtmax

    Your favourite lavender scented soap/cream

    Ethos is a great elegant straightforward lavender EO from France. GroomingDept’s Kairos lavender EO’s are a bit more complex and a better overall lavender to me. Also the new Kairos is a better base than Ethos in my use.
  12. vtmax

    Tallow and Steel is bringing back Classic scent

    One of their originals from 2016 returning thankfully unchanged. An elegant essential oil profile and an absolute favorite scent in one of the top bases made today. I can’t believe it hasn’t sold out yet.
  13. vtmax

    FS Spearhead Heather

    I have an extra new/unused Seaforth Heather. $19 delivered conus. Thanks.
  14. vtmax

    What One Soap Brand Should I Try?

    @Rudy Vey and @mrlandpirate chose the right path. The new GroomingDept Kairos update is the finest soap on the market in my use. I have extensive use with Ethos, which is getting a lot of hype everywhere, but this new GD Kairos update certainly surpasses Ethos in shave and post.
  15. vtmax

    So I've been side-by-side testing DE vs cartridge for 14 straight days.

    DE razors since I started shaving over 30 years now. Blackbird, Wolfman’s, Karve’s, CG’s...everything. I always laugh at the cartridge (especially Gillette) hate out there you mention above. With proper prep and time, not rushing as many do with carts and using great brushes and soaps, the...
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