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    PIF - Guess how long for me to 3017 my P.160

    Mar 12, 2018
  2. vespergo

    First ever shave with Tabac - review and take on scent

    I love the performance and the scent. If I could just find my jar of it I'd shave with it again. Still looking for things after the move.
  3. vespergo

    Haslinger Schafmilch Reformulated

    Wow, it's shocking that people are willing to throw away the fat of the animal, they're just using the whole cow as opposed to just the meat. It's not like they're slaughtering animals just to get their fat. It just happens to be a byproduct that they're using.
  4. vespergo

    Two & Three tier soaps: any purpose for them?

    When you say 600 soaps do you mean brands or just scents?
  5. vespergo

    Two & Three tier soaps: any purpose for them?

    I have a hard time getting rid of soaps so I just let them all accumulate. Very often I'll try one that I hadn't in years and find it works different and better than I had originally thought, sometimes due to weather, a move(water softness), or just plain preference has changed. A lot of soap...
  6. vespergo

    WTT: NIB Shaveology Double Edge Razor

    Unopened, new in box. Want to trade for some soaps. Make some offers and lets make a trade.
  7. vespergo

    WTT: 2 Gold Dollar and 1 ZY Straight Razor

    pending trade.
  8. vespergo

    WTT: 2 Gold Dollar and 1 ZY Straight Razor

    looking for soaps/creams, DE's or brushes
  9. vespergo

    WTT: 2 Gold Dollar and 1 ZY Straight Razor

    Open to lots of different trades. These are not shave ready. I bought them and haven't touched them as my luck with sharpening other straights didn't quite pan out to my liking.
  10. vespergo

    Supermax super platinum?

    Just tried the super plats in a Muhle R89, two shaves. I'd say an okay blade, but not great. I had to toss after two shaves and I didn't enjoy either shave. No time to waste on inferior shaving. I'll be trading the rest away. Not impressed.
  11. vespergo

    Review by '' on item 'Astra Superior Platinum'

    I've definitely found the blade that I like above all others(Nacet being it's equal). It lasts a whole week and I get great shaves starting right from the beginning. Alot of blades require a rough shave at the beginning before they start to smooth out, but these are great right from shave one.
  12. vespergo

    What do you do with all the soaps?

    1. Are there guys out there that would publicly admit that they've developed an acquiring addiction? Yes, I have. When I first started I was interested in what was available. Then I stopped buying for several years because I had plenty. I came back to the forums after a five year hiatus and...
  13. vespergo

    Finally tried Haslinger

    Yes, there is no doubt that Haslinger has a great soap. I personally find it in a league of it own. You can whip up a really thick batch with no problem whatsoever.
  14. vespergo

    Any other "Tabac-like" soaps?

    I've got both, and I find Tabac to be better than Fine's formula. It's still a great soap, but not as good.
  15. vespergo

    OK I think I'm hooked

    Yes this sounds all too familiar. Enjoy the ride! It only gets better from here.
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