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    How complicated is your shave?

    Soak bowl, brush, soap, razor in basin of hot water Shower Build lather on puck, then in bowl Spread on lather Pass one: chin, cheeks, edges of neck Pass two: neck, cheeks and chin again, checking my work with my fingertips Pass three: if needed, one more lather and pass over my neck ATG Rinse...
  2. Vespasian


    Ugh. Ads everywhere. I understand the trade-off we make: free sites for viewing ads, but the current ratio is way out of balance. Also, when I swipe-right on my MacBook Air (Safari) the cursor goes back to near the top of the forums, not to the thread I was reading or anything near it.
  3. Vespasian

    Same soap all the time

    Nah, I like the variety too much. I went nuts at first with different soaps and creams, and I still have a shelf full of partially-useed purchases from that earlier era. I stick of a rotation of about six; once in a way I dip into the aforementioned cupboard to try again an older brand, but I...
  4. Vespasian

    Why don't you shave daily?

    I don't shave every day because I don't have to. As opposed to before I retired. I love the feel of a freshly-shaved face, but shaving itself isn't the goal for me. My DE equipment has made the process of shaving much less of a chore, but I don't pant after the experience, just the results.
  5. Vespasian

    Your Best Local Pizza

    Gjusta, Venice, CA.
  6. Vespasian

    How do you store your loose tucks of DE blades?

    I am such a design freak that I have never found a way to store blades. I like wooden cigar boxes, but there box would take up way too much space in my "den:" my bathroom sink. So they rest comfortably in the padded envelope they came in, under the sink.
  7. Vespasian

    Shower Shaving

    Yeah, before I retired, I shaved every morning in the shower. I call those the Dark Years. Yes, brush and shaving soap, no mirror, just feel. I used a Mach 3 for a quick and nasty shave. Excellent part of retirement: good, real shaves after a shower, Fatboy, better soaps, a quiet time, often in...
  8. Vespasian

    What Are You Reading?

    "Chips" Channon's diaries, the new complete edition. Channon was an American-born social butterfly and Alpine social climber who lived in the UK from the Twenties until his death in 1958. He loved royalty, titles, jewels, beauty, his friends. Long and solid gay relationships notwithstanding, he...
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    Three, really: wooh-ster shur, approx.
  10. Vespasian

    What the Heck is Wrong with Me‽

    Not bad, not bad. Certainly nothing to worry about...yet. I found that my new kid at BnB buying spree ended pretty abruptly. I verge on being a minimalist now, until you look in the bathroom cupboard and see the remains od my soap-and-cream binges. All done now, except for replacements. Yes...
  11. Vespasian

    What is the softest (ZERO scratch/scritch) badger brush ever made?

    I got you; I must have skipped over the backbone part and concentrated on the softness, which you did stress. Maybe you will never find a badger brush soft enough; but I do hope you find exactly what you are desiring.
  12. Vespasian

    What is the softest (ZERO scratch/scritch) badger brush ever made?

    No, my intentions were only to be helpful, I assure you.
  13. Vespasian

    What is the softest (ZERO scratch/scritch) badger brush ever made?

    I've used the same brush for 50 years, rebadgered once, so god knows I'm no expert. But the softest brushes I've ever seen are make-up brushes, You can find them in beauty supply house. !. I don't know if they are badger. 2. I don'y know if they will stand up under repeated face-lathering. Not...
  14. Vespasian

    “Rotations” ? Totally Unnecessary.

    This "manly man" guff is laughable, especially when used to refer to something as mundane as shaving. I've been using a Fatboy for decades, one brush for fifty years, one brand of blades, the same shaving bowl, blade bank. I rotate through a number (less than 10) of soaps and creams and (less...
  15. Vespasian

    Fantasies, imaginations and delusions during shave

    Mainly I just groove along, shaving, not thinking. After all, I have been doing this DE shave routine for 60 years (!). But sometimes I pay attention, and sort of narrate the shave moves I am making. Silently, to myself, of course; I'm not nuts. It's sort of like I am delivering a soundless...
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