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    Favorite Shave Stick??

    Palmolive Shave Stick, it is a good product and works well. It is also a reminder of being a small boy and watching my father shave using the same product, one of those special products that takes you back in time.
  2. Vacumatic

    Ink bottles to stay away from with thicker pens

    That’s the gift that keeps on giving the whole year.
  3. Vacumatic

    To Flex Or Not To Flex?

    I cannot really comment because I havent used a music nib for everyday writing but if you print you can probably get away with it. The only cautionary note I would say is I have seen some music nibs at 1.9mm which seems too wide.
  4. Vacumatic

    The Nib Acquisitions 2019

    'My cursive sucks because I never use it but I’m working on it. I’m a doctor and will not apologize for my stereotypical chicken scratch.' My Hungarian PA used to call my cursive 'Doctors Writing', she struggled to read it! Very attractive color and surface on the Lamy, nice one.
  5. Vacumatic

    Pen suggestions

    Not the most straightforward question. I am using two pens at the moment, same ink in each. One pen leaves wet ink on the page for about 10 seconds, the other is dry within 1 second, same paper and same nib width. Certain brands are known to produce a wetter flow of ink, Pilot, Monteverde and...
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    How much current stock of blades/soap/cream do you have?

    I have a bad habit of 'using up'. If I start a product, or a packet of blades, I finish that product before I start something new, even though I have something better waiting to be used. Its the way I was brought up and its difficult to shake off. Same thing applies to all other things...
  7. Vacumatic

    The Nib Acquisitions 2019

    Thats a handsome pen, and the ink is a good match. The stub suits the printing style of your handwriting, good choice. You may want to experiment to get the most of your nib by ensuring that the nib is at 45 degrees to the page and in line with the page, so that the oo of the nib point is...
  8. Vacumatic

    Custom Shirts in London

    It sounds like you had a wonderful trip, the great thing about London is that you can just walk around and watch the world go by, never a dull moment. Glad you mastered the tube, its the best way of getting around, at least compared to taxis and the cars, or should that be supercars. A large...
  9. Vacumatic

    What's everyone's next pen going to be?

    The good thing is that they are not very expensive, if you buy a stub and dont like it then it is not a huge loss. I am not a fan because I rotate the pen to the left which means that a stub cannot do its job very well and tends to dig in to the page, I improved it by rounding off the corners...
  10. Vacumatic

    What's everyone's next pen going to be?

    There is a recess in the Eco feed where the Twsbi nib must sit, I didnt know this, pushed the nib and feed home and cracked the section. Although previous to this I had fitted a vintage gold nib, no problems. I have two Ecos a white and a green, a stub and a medium, the stub took quite a lot...
  11. Vacumatic

    What's in your pocket today?

    I thought it was a major Golden Pearl, I will need to measure it later today, the nib is butter smooth and perfect, some flex. To be honest, it is a bit of a museum piece for all the right reasons.
  12. Vacumatic

    What's in your pocket today?

    Thats a very good looking Parker Doug, the nodel name just escapes me for the moment! A Little story. In 1951 my father went to a very large trade show in London, it was called the Festival of Britain and the idea was to showcase to the world that Britain was manufacturing again and here are...
  13. Vacumatic

    Bargain Blade Bank (UK)

    I would put a little glue round the top to seal the lid. But realistically, I think I will be well dead before the tin is full.
  14. Vacumatic

    Pen for adverse conditions

    Good result, Rite in the Rain was a new name to me, after Googling it looks like the perfect product for those that need to take notes outside.
  15. Vacumatic

    Bargain Blade Bank (UK)

    I just use an old coffee tin with a slit cut into the plastic top, I might be thinking about something more secure if there were childrfen in the house. Most of my blades came in a plastic holder which have a back slot for used blades however