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  1. vacman

    What's your cheapest/best bang-for-your-buck part of your shaving routine?

    I really like Shave Secret shaving oil. Inexpensive and works great. Used properly, it allows the razor to glide over your skin and it can also be used with wet shaving electrics. The foil never heats up when Shave Secret is used.
  2. vacman

    Alas and curses! I have discovered shave oil. Goodbye brushes and endless soap assortment?

    Shave Secret is a great shave oil. When I tried it as a base for lather, I found that the oil reduced the lather and the shave was better with only the oil. Now, I'm a double heretic! I use Shave Secret as a lubricant for my Panasonic Arc5 Shaver. It lubricates and eliminates heat build-up, and...
  3. vacman

    Injector Razor Shave Angle...

    That's what I do. The proper angle is built into the design...no guesswork involved. Injectors have been the best razors for me as well.
  4. vacman

    Ammunition "Shortage"? Not quite...

    The only way they can charge those amounts is supply & demand. From where I sit, there is a supply problem. Most of the suppliers are out of stock on the most popular calibers. The small boxes of 50 may be available, but the larger amounts are not.
  5. vacman

    WTH is this Frank Shaving logo?

    OK, So are you all using Jim Beam aftershave?
  6. vacman

    Why coffee changes flavor as it cools

    OK, I've read the article, but since I perceived the same thing with other hot liquids, I'll stick with my statement above.
  7. vacman

    Why coffee changes flavor as it cools

    I will read the article, but I was under the impression that it was your taste buds that didn't function properly with hot liquids and that when cooler (160 degrees vs 140 degrees), more of the flavor is received. I find that with soups as well, so I think there's some validity to it.
  8. vacman

    Rotary vs Foil for beard swirls

    Razor burn: Make sure you purchase a wet/dry model and use something like Shave Secret shaving oil. Rub 5 dots of oil on your face and splash water on it. Then shave. No more razor burn. You will find that the razor doesn't even get warm gliding over your face. That's what I've found with my...
  9. vacman

    Wet shaving....with an electric razor

    A follow up after several shaves with the Panasonic: Someone advised that it would take a couple of weeks to get used to the electric. That didn't happen. I adjusted to it immediately or within the first few shaves. The Panasonic/Shave Secret combo was so good, that I had great shaves...
  10. vacman

    Spam Calls

    I neglected to say that those calls were on my land line which, unfortunately, doesn't allow me that option.
  11. vacman

    Spam Calls

    I pretty much do the same thing, but unfortunately, there are a few medical offices around here that we use and they stupidly have their phones set up as unknown callers. Forcing them to leave a message means I have to go through the procedure of calling them and trying to get through on lines...
  12. vacman

    Shave Oil

    Shave oil and lather are not compatible. The correct way to use shave oil is to apply it, then slash water on your face before each pass. That's what creates the slickness encountered using it.
  13. vacman

    Wet shaving....with an electric razor

    With the Shave Secret oil applied and water splashed on my face before shaving, I experienced absolutely no heat at all even using some pressure.
  14. vacman

    Wet shaving....with an electric razor

    Well, my Panasonic ARC-5 ES-LV9N-s arrived a few days ago. I've used it 3 times so far and I have to say I'm very impressed. I've used it with Shave Secret oil and haven't tried shaving cream. First, let me say that I've never, that's NEVER, had a comfortable shave with an electric shaver. My...
  15. vacman

    Samsung Watch - Alert

    My wife & I have had great luck with our Apple watches. I've had 3 and she's had 2 of them. No problems with any of them, but we've been Apple fans since the first Macintosh, which I still have and it still works.
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