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    Micromatic Passaround - Try one out and Join Micromatic Mondays!

    That’s very interesting because I’d rate the 1912 as a super mild razor (still efficient). I got so spoiled by it I forgot to watch my angle and pressure with MMOC; it’s like shaving with a cart.
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    Micromatic Monday

    I am ready to pass the setup on to another person to try it. I’ve posted about my experience with them in another thread, but basically: - MMOC: efficient but “itchy”. Even when I used caution and watched the angle very carefully, ended with some irritation. Nothing major, but I’d describe it...
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    Forget Gillette, the Men's Anti Gillette Association

    The ad aired in January 2019. At the end of the quarter, P&G made profit. Gillette was their only (AFAIK) major subsidiary that posted a huge loss - $8 bln in just that one quarter alone. They've been in the red for something like three years, but the sheer size and timing of this write off is...
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    Micromatic Passaround - Try one out and Join Micromatic Mondays!

    So, I tried all three: MMOC - pretty aggressive. Forgot to keep it flat on my face and got irritation. Will try again tomorrow, the right way. Clogproof - fairly aggressive, fairly efficient, a little rough. Not bad. "Plain" Micromatic - very mild, somewhat similar to my Ever-Ready 1912.
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    Hi from new member in Cardiff, Wales - here is some of my collection

    Welcome ! Been to Cardiff a few years back, an interesting place.
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    Maggard V3A

    Well, three weeks in and it is fast becoming my favorite razor. Despite seeming aggressiveness, it’s actually a very gentle shaver (in part by forcing the user into paying attention) while being highly efficient. It’s the razor I can use after getting a rough shave the day before while trying...
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    Micromatic Passaround - Try one out and Join Micromatic Mondays!

    Received the razors on Saturday (was traveling so didn’t try them until Sunday). My first shave with MMOC was kind of rough, my fault as I got too complacent using my mild and super forgiving Ever-Ready1912 and didn’t watch the angle and pressure as I should have. Used a DE yesterday, and this...
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    Sorry Crystal, it wasn't a good date...

    I got them at Maggard's as a part of a blade sample pack, doubt they are fake or poorly stored.
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    Sorry Crystal, it wasn't a good date...

    Face may have a lot to do with this, too... I’ve tried more than a few different blades and I love some of them and don’t care about others, but there were only two that I will not even try again after the first or second use. Bolzano that kept carving chunks of flesh out of my face with zero...
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    The Year that Was:

    A great comparison. It wasn't however due to the fact that the things weren't going well for the Germans (in 1942, their domestic production capacity wouldn't really be impacted as badly yet). It was more that because of the sheer scope of their involvement on the Eastern front, their needs...
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    Getting lazy

    Lathering, three full passes with cleanup, alum block, wash with cold water, witch hazel, aftershave all takes me about 10-13 min. No time to save here.
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    What is the longest time you’ve gone without shaving?

    About two to three weeks every year when we go vacationing near the ocean. Salt water and freshly shaved face don’t mix well. I usually keep the beard for another week after coming back. But I’m not kidding myself, I’m no Hemingway...
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    Razor storage?

    I’m just curious as to how many B&B members are divorced or otherwise single... Either that, or we have an unusually small MBR bathroom...
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    Maggard V3A

    Ordered one on AliExpress. Worst case, I have an $12 brass handle. I really like V3A so far.
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    The Last Movie You Watched?

    Oh, it was a great film and a fantastic performance, no doubt.