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  • My understanding is that a more aggressive razor would require fewer passes than a less aggressive razor. However, I do not think there is a direct correlation between irritation (e.g. razor burn) and the aggressiveness of the razor. I can get a BBS shave with no irritation from my 1956 Superspeed...considered a very mild razor. However, it does take 4 passes (WTG, 2 XTG and ATG).

    With a more aggressive razor it is extremely important to get the right blade angle (the razor is less forgiving). Without the correct blade angle, one pass could lead to nasty razor burn. I think it is smart to work on technique with a less aggressive razor before tackling a more aggressive razor. Just my $.02. As always YMMV
    Hey, you hanging in there? Let me know the results of your shave. TTYL!

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