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    Blade search journey

    1 personna labs/meds 2 polsilver SI 3 Astra SP I'm firmly in the anti-feather camp. Shave 1 very close but uncomfortable, shave 2 is perfection, steep degradation after that.
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    Orange Scent Shave Soap or Cream??

    Hands down the best I've had is Tcheon Fung Sing Bergamotto Neroli. The scent is amazing and the TFS soaps are the best latherers on the planet..super slick.
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    Mohegan Sun

    Not to my knowledge...the two casinos are pretty self contained without a lot around them. I know there is not an AOS or anything in fox woods and I'd bet there isn't one in Mohegan either. Closest are probably in Cambridge in Ma. (Not close.)
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    It finally happened

    If I get a cut while still finishing a shave, I'll finish the pass and then rinse off the lather with cold water. Depending on the size of the cut the cold water helps close smaller cuts. Regardless, I'll relather over the cut being very careful around it during the rest of the shave...
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    Who else shaves before the shower

    I always shave first. Using a straight most mornings I can't have fog on the mirror. It also helps with my time budgeting. ..I make sure to take what time I need to get a great, luxurious shave and I can rush through my shower if need be.
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    Gentlemanly Restraint Passaround Box

    Great takes! I knew those wouldn't last long.....enjoy!
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    Gentlemen! Behold... My blade box!

    Nice! That's pretty slick.
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    Cartridge razors easier

    As stated, the areas where carts are better than de are in speed and ease of use. I equate it to using a microwave vs using an oven. The cost of carts, short life span, cheap build and the fact that I can get far superior shaves with se, de and straights is why I will never entertain using a...
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    I think it's awesome that you've stuck so long to just a few items. There is no reason to change! If there were any true thing that stands out to me that was more of an 'experience' it would be the feel of face lathering with a good brush and some tallow soap. You may or may not find hardware...
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    Gentlemanly Restraint Passaround Box

    Awesome! How'd you wait? I almost opened it on the porch.
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    More Stuble With DE Shaving

    Well......Its difficult to answer your question without knowing where you are on your foray into DEs. If you are still working on technique, then your shaves may not be as close as they were with carts. (This is very common.) In this instance keep learning and you will be amazed at the end...
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    Hi Gentlemen! I am new here!

    Hello and welcome! That's a fine looking den you've got going only question is, where do you keep the straights?
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    *Mühle R106 PIF*

    I'm in! Never tried a muhle...always wanted to try trumpers. Great pif!
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    Could worsening relations with Russia impact blade supply?

    +1 on using straights. But when I use a de.'s good old made - in - the - usa Personna labs every time.