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    Best Blades for a Feather Artist Club SS?

    Thank you, very useful.
  2. Type1

    Best Blades for a Feather Artist Club SS?

    Glad to hear it’s also going well for you. What’s your pre and post shave routine? Agree 100% on the creativity comment. I’m concentrating more on gliding the razor over the skin with the best angle and contact patch, rather than being strict with following WTG, ATG, etc.... atleast for my...
  3. Type1

    Best Blades for a Feather Artist Club SS?

    Hi Guys, I wanted to thank those who’ve contributed experience and advice and update after I’ve had a few more shaves. My prep is all good and I feel technique is improving as tugging has pretty much disappeared. I will have a play around with different blades though in a month or so. I want...
  4. Type1

    Best Blades for a Feather Artist Club SS?

    What a coincidence! Great to hear your 2nd shave was better. I did 2 passes. In some areas it felt just as close as my DE, others not so much. I have a beard so use it on my neck and to tidy up cheeks and lines. I’ve a fairly pronounced Adam’s Apple so either side of this and my wind pipe are...
  5. Type1

    Any tips for shaving (defining) the neck line of a beard?

    As has been said already use your electric trimmer for the line and guide first. Tip, start in the middle of your neck (above Adam’s apple) and make the lines outward from there. Far easier to keep lines straight and symmetrical than starting from one side.
  6. Type1

    Best Blades for a Feather Artist Club SS?

    Thank you for everyone’s input. I’ll try a wetter lather (for what it’s worth I use a pre-shave oil too) next time and concentrate on a shallow blade angle. I also like the Momentum comment from global_dev. I think my cautiousness on occasions meant I didn’t have sufficient blade momentum...
  7. Type1

    Best Blades for a Feather Artist Club SS?

    Hi Gents, I had my first straight razor shave yesterday which went without blood shed and very little irritation! I used the Pro guard blades shown as I thought they would be the best choice for a beginner. However, I have a thick beard and sensitive skin. I found at times the blade felt like...
  8. Type1

    The Irony of Where Nostalgia Has Led Me

    Lovely story. Thank you for sharing.
  9. Type1

    FFFMM (Fixed Four For March Madness) 2020 Edition

    Apologies for the off topic - What is this beautiful razor?
  10. Type1

    What was your last “new” shave purchase?

    Thank you. I'd have thought the bowl came with the soap! Oh well, you only have one face.
  11. Type1

    What was your last “new” shave purchase?

    Please report on how these both perform, I've always been tempted to try their products as they appear very good quality. And that's a lovely soap container.
  12. Type1

    What was your last “new” shave purchase?

    Agree 100%. And the Wolfman is an asset. I've edited your post for you :biggrin1:
  13. Type1

    We killed the golden goose (aka DE shaving is a hipster fad)

    Whether it is a fad or not, I don't see it as a bad thing either way. How much it has contributed I don't know, but a friend of mine who I didn't realise had recently started DE shaving did so after Gillette's insulting "Woke" advert and decided he didn't want to purchase another Gillette...
  14. Type1

    Standard Newbie "Hey" Post

    Welcome, another UK member here. I'm still a newbie... there's a wealth of experience on here.
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