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  1. tylerdurden

    GOTD- Green of the Day

    Enjoying some nice Hibiki-an house Matcha this morning.
  2. tylerdurden

    Quinoa, recipe suggestions?

    I just replace rice with it. Mostly in Indian and Tex/Mex anything and its awesome. ^^ mixing it with ground beef is genius too.
  3. tylerdurden

    What are you watching?

    you are going to eat sooo many spiderwebs Woodhouse!
  4. tylerdurden

    new resto

    Im not getting much time lately to do this due to work, but here are the scales almost done. Nerdman offered to polish her up for me and these pictures do it no justice (thanks again Ernie, it looks awesome!) check out his thread for a better pic; second page no scales. The wedge has been the...
  5. tylerdurden


    Everyone described it pretty well. Its now my favorite soap. The cream is great, smells very different to me though. Not to hijack but has anyone tried the balm or lotion from them? same smell?
  6. tylerdurden

    My Restore Rescale Thread

    wow, cant wait too see it in person, thanks Nerdman!!
  7. tylerdurden

    now that i've milled my Palmolive shavestick...

    Ok so 2 sticks will not fit in one of those containers at all. I got 1 in and packed it pretty good. Unfortunatly when i tried to twist it the screw sheared off at the bottom and is now useless. So word of warning, be careful with these containers when packing. I got 4 glue sticks for a...
  8. tylerdurden

    what we cant do without

    Probably my Speick stick if I had to choose.
  9. tylerdurden

    Soap vs Cream. Why one over the other? Your opinions please...

    Still use proraso (in the tub) sometimes but other than that I just like soaps better. I face lather and use a straight most days and tallow soap seems to work best for me.
  10. tylerdurden

    new resto

    Thanks, im using bloodwood for the scales. Im still shaping them and figuring out what to finish with.
  11. tylerdurden

    The Reputation of the Straight

    I see a lot more straight razor users out there...that means some of you have been breaking the first rule.
  12. tylerdurden

    Happy Tabac-tober!

    Tabac was also my first soap. Its been rarely used this summer so its time to crack it open. Speicktember has been extending into this month though.
  13. tylerdurden

    The Reputation of the Straight

    I just keep it to myself. Its too much trouble trying to explain
  14. tylerdurden

    now that i've milled my Palmolive shavestick...

    Do you think 2 sticks would actually fit in one? Ive got a bulk order coming from England this week so ill have to experiment.
  15. tylerdurden

    Hand sanding progression

    Great work they look awesome!
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