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    Getting a Haircut during this Crisis, Hmmm?

    Yeah, shops are all closed around here too. Tried cutting my own . Turned out more like a mohawk than anything else. Used to cut mine all the time but I only know one style. Buzz. #1 blade or no blade at all. Harder this time cause my hair was significantly longer and I didn't want to buzz it...
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    I Need A Pomade

    Thank you. I 've looked at a few of their products. I've also been looking at the Prospectors Iron Ore.
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    I Need A Pomade

    Can someone recommend a pomade that does well in the summer. I live in Michigan and work outside 8-12 hrs a day. I need something that will hold up on the hot and humid days.
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    Just heard the news that MLS closed

    :cursing::cursing::cursing::cursing::cursing::cursing::cursing:I was looking for Mickey Lee Soaps Panty Dropper and read that it was now closed. Just finished mine recently and was looking at getting some more. Big disappointment.
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    So I used William's the other day...

    Puck lather. I always have some Williams on hand.
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    Favorite "Modern" cream,soap,gel,foam, etc

    I used to use King of Shaves gel a lot too but I haven't seen it locally in quite awhile.
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    New Gillette 2 blades cart: The Gillette Skinguard!

    So apparently the Skinguard isn't perfect. Two days after the 1st shave I got 2 ingrowns which is still significantly less than usual. I shaved with it again tonight. I'm finding that I almost need a 3rd pass and some touch up in spots because the razor is so mild. I've yet to nick myself with...
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    Tried Harry's Razor

    I've used Harry's before with good results. Right now I'm using the Gillette Skinguard and it's probably the best cartridge razor I've used.
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    How long do proglide cartridges last

    About 3 to 4 weeks.
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    What is the best cartridge razor?

    Gillette Skinguard
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    New Gillette 2 blades cart: The Gillette Skinguard!

    Well, usually the day after I shave is when I start noticing ingrown hairs and so far today I haven't seen or felt any pop up yet. If I still don't have any signs of them by tomorrow then the Skinguard will be a keeper.
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    New Gillette 2 blades cart: The Gillette Skinguard!

    I'm still blown away. My face feels great. Zero irritation. I'll keep that in mind. Thanks for the heads up.
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    Saint Charles Shave closed?

    Very Sad. I used a lot of their stuff when I first got into wet shaving.
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    Williams Warriors

    Used some tonight super lathered with Ingrams. Amazing.:a14:
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