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    Is this tamahagane iwasaki ?

    Years ago I had his stuff verified by an official Iwasaki distributor and a former straight razor barber who used Iwasaki razors, among others, for over 30 years. Both told me that this seller sells legitimate stuff.
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    A bit of harberinging

    I had a few of these in spike point, French point, and round point. The one in these photos is NOS but not mint. I sold it back in June 2011. The ones I sold in the lot were mint and measured 13/16 to 7/8.
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    A bit of harberinging

    Oh man. That would be terrible. :blink: I can say that I've never bought a straight razor on eBay. I may have bought a DE a few years ago but I don't remember.
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    A bit of harberinging

    I'm always wary of making these kind of posts because of the potential for a reactionary uptick in pricing. I'll say that it's a good mix of both Japanese and German razors.
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    How Many Shaves - Feather AC/SS version - Guard

    A lot of these blades actually get smoother after the initial sharpness has dissipated. I once used a KAI Mild in a Shavette type razor for well over 2 months. I don't shave every day (or even every other day) but I'd say it was 40+ shaves.
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    A bit of harberinging

    Recently, I sold 285 of my 315 straight razors to a buyer in Europe. He was in NY for business and came over to check them out. Most were NOS and I had no intention of ever using them. I wasn't interested in taking photos of each razor to list for sale. He said that he's going to resell a...
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    Help me choose...

    I like the scales of the top razor and the blade of the bottom razor. :sneaky2:
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    Post Your Pictures: Japanese Razors

    How's the shave?
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    MWF: 3+ @ $10.99/Puck

    This is where I've purchased MWF over the years. It's a retailer in the UK and I live in NY. It used to be a little cheaper but I think the price is still competitive. The Old Apothecary It's $15 shipped for one refill soap. It's $38 shipped for one soap and ceramic dish.
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    Buying a Feather SS - should I get theJapanese style or the traditional stake razor ?

    A cheaper option is to get the Feather SS folding in teak, which is now an option.
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    Women using Straight Razors.

    My lady friends use non-folding Feather or kamisori razors. They find it easier to maneuver than a razor with scales.
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    Carl Schlieper Razors

    Everyone has a different preference in edges but Schlieper razors are excellent.
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    Do you still have the Takami?
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