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    Pumpkin Spice Spam

    It was released yesterday, and I missed my chance to buy it, because it sold out within hours. I'm disappointed that I don't get to try it, but hopefully there will be more.
  2. TropicalHotDogNight

    New Coffeemaker!

    I use refillable pods in a Keurig, as well. The appeal of a Keurig machine is that you get to brew coffee a cup at a time. That's all I drink, and I don't even do that daily. I'll have a cup of coffee twice a week or so. The form factor is really convenient for that.
  3. TropicalHotDogNight

    MdC package change -- which do you prefer?

    The new one looks too commercial for my taste. I like the simplicity and elegance of the old design. I wish they could still produce glass jars, as well.
  4. TropicalHotDogNight

    MdC Original or Vetiver

    The original scent is a greater contrast to fougere than vetiver, if you are looking for something different. I prefer the vetiver, though both are nice. Interesting. Most people consider it a strong lavender. Some find it overbearing. I find it to be quite intense. Vetiver is milder.
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    Getting Rid of Compact Discs

    I just tried scanning about a hundred CDs on the Eaglesaver app. The 40 that they would accept totaled under $24.
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    Pumpkin Spice Spam

    Sounds good to me. I'll give it a try if I see it at the supermarket. I don't eat spam very often due to the sodium content, but it's very good when fried up and served on bread with a little mayo. Pumpkin spice may or may not go with it, but I've discovered enough odd food combinations that...
  7. TropicalHotDogNight

    How many aftershaves do you own?

    Currently just one bottle of Proraso Blue, and a couple of samples. I use the same aftershave every time and don't want to buy any more until the bottle is empty.
  8. TropicalHotDogNight

    Vegan and not tested on animals

    There are dozens of soaps fitting that criteria. You have to be more specific. I suggest Martin de Candre or Los Angeles Shaving Soap Company or Le Pere Lucien.
  9. TropicalHotDogNight

    Does hard=slick?

    Quoted for truth!
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    The one that I go to has a statue of a monkey that apparently everyone wants to take pictures with. The food is good. Portions are extremely large. One breakfast usually gives you enough leftovers for a full lunch.
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    Grasshoppers on pizza?

    I tried dried crickets once, and did not care for them. They have shells that are similar to garlic, onions, popcorn kernels, etc. They get stuck in your throat, too.
  12. TropicalHotDogNight

    Bad Voskhod Tuck?

    The first time I tried Voskhod, I thought they were amazing! Then I tried them again a few years later, and had the worst shaves. It definitely seems that their quality is inconsistent.
  13. TropicalHotDogNight

    About cold brew

    Why are you drinking cold brew coffee hot? Isn't the whole point of cold brew to brew and consume the coffee without it ever being heated?
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    What shaving soap will still be around a hundred years from now?

    Historically, shaving has always gone in and out of fashion. I don't see any reason to believe that it won't continue to flip-flop, 100 years from now. In the grand scheme of things, human evolution seems to be favoring a decreasing amount of body hair, so my guess is that facial hair will...
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    What shaving soap will still be around a hundred years from now?

    I honestly can't picture a single brand staying in business that long. Most artisan brands these days last for 5-10 years at best, and the big name companies that have lasted 50-100 years will eventually crumble as the times change.