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    I was looking at the brushes on the Paladin website and I see a lot of nice ones, but all are too big for me. Are the large brushes what...
  • TropicalHotDogNight
    No, it's a bit different from the tallow smell that some soaps have. Bare Sierro has donkey milk whey and buffalo milk whey in it, which...
  • TropicalHotDogNight
    I've been moving toward unscented and lightly scented soaps for a while. I got tired of how overly fragranced most soaps are. It is very...
  • TropicalHotDogNight
    TropicalHotDogNight replied to the thread Rose Scented Soaps.
    Another vote for MdC's rose soap. It is a lovely, natural rose. It doesn't have that cloying sweetness of some others.
  • TropicalHotDogNight
    I have been shaving with the same inexpensive synthetic every day for several years, but recently decided to splurge a bit on a nice...