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    Minimal pressure required

    I think of it as with no pressure the blade is at its optimum angle to the skin (given you are hollding the correct angle). With just a bit of pressure the skin will deflect and then the point of contact of blade to skin is actually at a very different than blade to face so to speak. Imagine a...
  2. trentr

    Why Do We Shave?

    Well this is sort of my reason, however I did not know there was a study on it LOL I am a machinist by trade, mechanic, welder, I do some plumbing, carpentry, work cattle, eat ALOT.... I have sported a quite long thick beard. If you can imagine some of the...
  3. trentr

    Recommended Hair tonic

    Thought perhaps I should update. I got a tube of Brylcreem and have been very much enjoying it. Makes my hair feel "healthy" and has just enough hold for general use. I can still wear a hat. If I am going to be out in the wind, I use something with a bit more hold.
  4. trentr

    Quick Filarmonica 13 question on pins

    Man you guys do some good work. Fixing the fine details. I decide to make something beautiful, start working on it, get impatient, ignore details and just make something I can hurry up and shave with LOL. Hat is off to you. Great job.
  5. trentr

    Is my (brand new) Dovo Bismark razor rusting?

    To the fellar at The Superior Shave, should you happen to still be following this thread, 1 upset customer is not the end of the world. I know it is hard not to be able to state your case. We all know that if you do any amount of business, there are unfortunately going to be a few bad...
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    Is my (brand new) Dovo Bismark razor rusting?

    "Carbon steel is YOUR responsibility to protect, the appearance of rust has nothing to do with level of quality (Japanese chef knives costing thousands can rust in minutes before your eyes) and everything to do with the environment presented to the steel. Dry thoroughly after each use, store in...
  7. trentr

    Aftershave and age

    I do not know if it is axes or not but what ever my boy has been spraying clears the house out. He walked up to me outside to tell me good bye and made my eyes water. No kid I do not miss you that much...its your DA GUM COLOGNE! lol
  8. trentr

    Aftershave and age

    Exactly. It is just so much fun to rag on nickel back even though EVERYONE sings along when they here them LOL
  9. trentr

    Aftershave and age

    It is not as overpowering as it seems from these threads. Whether deemed good or bad, it is not life altering LOL. Just try it. I use it most often, mainly because it is my least favorite and I look forward to it being gone so I can fill its space....but hey, I wear it more often than anything...
  10. trentr

    Independence Day Contest!

    Sorry, busy weekend and ruff day yesterday. Many thanks. I will do my best to spread the love/generosity and to tell the tale of the most generous Cap'n!
  11. trentr

    The Nine Reason PIF

    I was curious about trying to go to the welcome threads and send some new comers this way. This is just too perfect a starter kit AND display of the "realness" of the all too fake world.....it just has to be meant to introduce new person to it all lol just has to be
  12. trentr

    What made you happy today?

    The 9 reasons PIF thread made me happy. Made me forget some of my troubles and remember my blessings that all stem from the main thing that makes me happy..... my under appreciated wife.
  13. trentr

    Can anyone identify what these tools might be used for?

    The black "stick" is a spudger. Used for prying open electronics and general poking and prodding of computer and elctronic stuffs LOL It is what a computer mechanic uses where a car mechanic would grab a flat screwdriver LOL I am guessing the others are similar items.
  14. trentr

    The Nine Reason PIF

    Wow. My story: I was in the process of another divorce. Spent every moment I could manage in a bar, club, at a party, somewhere trying to find something to numb the pain of my self loathing. Chasing women who would even look my way and some who didn't do as much as that. When I was forced to...
  15. trentr

    The great 3D Printing thread

    That is crazy. Look out fashion world, he comes 3d CRAZY haha. And they have powdered metal correct? So you can basically PRINT metal parts? Brass anyway, if I recall? And wood too I think. I could proly google, buuuut :)
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