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  1. TreadwayJohnA

    The Traveling Journal

    If you wish to start a new journal I say go for it, you have my full support and encouragement. And I desperately wish for it to become a greater success this time around, as it will surely bring many people much joy and comradery. Since creating the original I have either used or gifted my A5...
  2. TreadwayJohnA

    The Traveling Journal

    It's a shame to see it sizzle-out... It was a blast for me, and I'm sure everyone else would have really enjoyed it as well. Hopefully everything is well with @Villalobos and we are able to track the original journal down, and thank you to everyone for your interest and support. @Heckle, I...
  3. TreadwayJohnA

    The Traveling Journal

    ...bump... - So where is the journal at guys, what has it been up to? We're all eager
  4. TreadwayJohnA

    Theft, I detest it

    My solution would be similar. Just a little less passive aggressive and a little more black powder and nitrate...
  5. TreadwayJohnA

    Best & Most Natural & Least Toxic Honing Oil?

    I have used it routinely for a while now, no ill-effects to speak of yet. And with great success, may I add. To each his own, but I don't mind the ingredients either as I've been in contact with 3in1 all my life, (even on the hair clippers when I was a young boy) and am not afraid of cancer as...
  6. TreadwayJohnA

    January 2019 Challenge: Circles

    #15, great shot it gets my vote.
  7. TreadwayJohnA

    January 2019 Challenge: Circles

    Too cool!
  8. TreadwayJohnA

    Photo of the Day

    Gorgeous place, and great photograph
  9. TreadwayJohnA

    Cell phone shots

    Very cool shot
  10. TreadwayJohnA

    Photo of the Day

    This alone would be my to do list... Sounds like a blast!
  11. TreadwayJohnA

    January 2019 Challenge: Circles

    Sweet looking headlight assembly, what bike is this?
  12. TreadwayJohnA

    January 2019 Challenge: Circles

    We built this city,... we built this city on Rock and .... “O”s
  13. TreadwayJohnA

    Where I come from

    Nice shot, takes me back to cutting the fields as a kid. I can almost smell it.
  14. TreadwayJohnA

    My Latest Roll

    Some really great shots here, very nice!
  15. TreadwayJohnA

    The Handwritten Thread