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    A New Player in the Brush Biz - Vintage Blades Brand

    Just got mine! 20mm, lathered it up with some RazoRock soft soap (violet)... Wow! Felt great, plenty of backbone, soft tips. Cant wait to use it again tomorrow. Might've found something for my dad for christmas? 24mm, black handle? lol First time trying the RazoRock. This stuff is amazing...
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    Semogue Boar Brushes

    Love my 620. I've used the 1305 as well, Very nice brush. For me, the 620 is just about perfect (not that im gonna stop looking... lol) face lathers soaps and creams wonderfully, plenty of scrub but still plenty soft. Very soft, I use that thing way harder than I should, but It's held up great.
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    A New Player in the Brush Biz - Vintage Blades Brand

    Just ordered mine! 20mm and some RazoRock soap, violet. From what I've heard, sounds like a steal for the price...
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    Semogue 620 goodness.

    Yep! The 620 and the new B&B Omega get most of my love now-a-days though. Want to try an SOC and an 830 pretty badly too.
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    Brush (See Post #4012)

    Feels great in the hand, nice solid resin.
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    Brush (See Post #4012)

    Checked the FedEx website this morning out of curiosity, It was scheduled to get here tomorrow, suprised to see that it was "Out for Delivery" :blink: Shaved with it for the first time a few minutes ago, tips are already very soft. Seemed like it held onto more lather than my 620 (took awhile...
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    Brush (See Post #4012)

    Mine is on the way! Supposed to get here friday.
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