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    Singles: Door Open Or Closed?

    I'm not single, but I'll contribute. In the winter time, I close the doors and secure the vents to rooms not used daily so I don't pay to heat unoccupied space.
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    Best non-alcoholic beer?

    I have had O'Doul's Amber and like it fairly well.
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    To Recline or not to Recline...that is the Question?

    Go anywhere where people are sitting. Every. Single. Person. has their nose in their phone. When I'm in the waiting room at the dentist, I honestly don't care to have random conversations, but I loathe walking in and seeing a half dozen people so insular that they can't even look up.
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    I wouldn't change one single thing - good, bad, or ugly - that would alter where or who I am today. If I'd chosen different duty stations when I was in the Navy, if I hadn't married my first wife, or if I'd chosen a different early career path, my life would be vasty different, and I wouldn't...
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    Jack Purcells by Converse. What a shame.

    RE: Sperry I've always liked boat shoes. My feet are as flat as the floor. Boat shoes hurt my feet and back. Then I reluctantly tried a pair of the newer style. They are my go-to shoe. There is more cushion and couture in the sole, and they fit higher up the top of your foot for a more secure...
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    Need help identifying a Western Movie

    Not High Noon. I literally just watched it this evening. There's no rain scenes.
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    Saying, "Merry Christmas."

    Depends on which "news" sources you frequent and how predisposed you are to be worked up about a non issue.
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    Saying, "Merry Christmas."

    The "war on Christmas" is propaganda BS perpetuated by a certain organization in whose best interest it is to keep the dullards stirred up and agitated. There might be less than one tenth of one percent of people who would be offended by being wished a Merry Christmas, but the chances of...
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    Flannel Shirts

    I have two categories: flannel shirts for work and work flannel shirts. For flannel shirts for work, I like LL Bean and Columbia. They are of high quality and look and feel nice. For work flannel shirts, I wear the $9 Walmart version. I was cutting wood most of the day yesterday, and by the time...
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    When Did Christmas Trees Become Important in the US?

    You mean there is another way? :w00t: I've always used a shotgun. You have a better chance of knocking it out, and the return to earth isn't dangerous. I did climb for some one time, but it was oddly pretty low.
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    When Did Christmas Trees Become Important in the US?

    As previously noted, most of the U.S.'s Christmas traditions date to the early to mid 1800s. You had a perfect storm. Washington Irving traveled to England and wrote about the traditional English Christmas. People here more or less said if Irving thinks is cool, that's what we'll do. He was that...
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    What are your favorite go-to energy drinks?

    Black coffee. Strong. When I was in the Navy, we used coffee off the mess deck to strip the floor because it usually had grounds mixed in with what you drink. I still use that as a gauge for good coffee.
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    When do you put on a coat for the winter?

    I am warm natured. It gets plenty cold for most folks around here, but if you see me in the legit coat, there is probably snow on the ground, and I plan to be outside for an extended period of time. Going to work, etc., a light jacket serves me well except on the coldest of days. I have a heavy...
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    Rain boots

    Thread bump. I still like my Mucks for what they are ... literal farm work boots in the mud and muck. I think I'm about to pull the trigger on a pair of Bean boots when fall weather hits to wear on nasty days. The Mucks are suited for every day use, and having been ankle deep in poop, I probably...
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    What Are You Reading?

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